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§oxmll IRnwwitg fitetg 




li«nrg W. Sage 


i!^iX5^:^H':\ >:3UvW 

Cornell university Library 
PR 3190.\W7C6 1594a 

The cobler's PfoPSi, 



Cornell University 

The original of this book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

There are no known copyright restrictions in 
the United States on the use of the text. 

Zbe Zni>ot jfacsimlle XEerts 

®h^ Colrkr's Iro^kt^, 




Date of the only known edition ^594 

(Dyce Collection, South Kensington.) 
Reproduced in Facsimile, 191 1. 

Under the Supervision and Editorship of 

k\ ^Mtx% ^x^\i^t% 




Issued for Subscribers by the Editor of 



TLhc (Toblet^s IpropbeciP, 



This facsimile reprint is from the perfect Dyce copy at 
S. Kensington : the B.M. example lacks signature E. 

Other plays attributed, more or less certainly to Wilson, are 
" The Pedler's Prophecy," " The Three Ladies of London," and 
" The Three Lords and the Three Ladies of London." 

Sir Sidney Lee, in his notice of Wilson in the " D.N.B." 
(q.v.), seems to take it for granted that he was the author of 
"The Three Ladies of London," and (of course) also of the "Three 
Lords and Three Ladies of London," the second being practically a 
continuation of the first. That Wilson had a reputation as a writer 
of plays is manifest from the reference by Thomas Lodge, in his 
" Defence of Poetry, Music, and Stage Plays," against the attacks of 
Stephen Gosson, whose " School of Abuse " was the occasion of 
Philip Sidney^ s noble "Apologie for Poetry." Lodge, in his defence, 
declares that he preferred Wilson's "short and sweet" drama on 
" Catiline " to Gosson' s play on the same subject. Wilson's play on 
" Catiline " is no longer extant, though (as Sir Sidney Lee mentions) 
Philip Henslowe, on the 2lst August, 1598, advanced 10/- to Robert 
Wilson on the security of his play of "Catiline," which he was writing 
in conjunction with Henry Chettle. Wilson's "Catiline" is lost; 
still, Henslowe's testimony to its existence is valuable. 

As regards the other attributed plays, the "Cobler's Prophesie" 
bears Wilson's name on the title page, and there can be no doubt that 
the writer of the "Cobler's Prophesie" was also the writer of the 
" Pedler's Prophesie." 

There is little, if anything, to record of note concerning the 
mechanical reproduction of this facsimile. The printing is, gener- 
ally speaking, of the same uniform excellent standard which long 
experience has assured to this series: an experience (in October, \d\\) 
extending over seventy-six volumes ! 


C O B L E R S 


Written by Robot Wilfon. (koL 

^ -.a 



printed at London by lohn Dantcrfor CuthbcK 
«Burine : ^ are to be fold at his (hop nere : 
. the Royall-Exchangc; 



£i»wlupitet *»<< luno.iMars rfwiVeniis, Apotlo,i/V 
/)/», Bacchus, Vulcan /iwp<»^ , Wrffrtr <iiDianaiwr«^/*f 
her hands: tht;fageh,vhilf»the fiagt "iAttcmtfrm •*» 
tndQt\t% fropumothtrmttte, 

c E R E s, ':;'.;:■", ■ ■ \,'' 

FRcfh Mayas fonne,fine witcraftsgreateft God, 
Hcrrald of heauen/oule charoiiog Mercuric: 
Tell,for thou witft,why thefe cdelUallpowers 
Arcthusaflcmblcdin Bccotia, 

Mtrcmie: Plenties rjch QuecniBjchecrcr of fiunting fouls, 
V V hoji^l tars arcadornde with ripcnd Hicaues. W^ 
K now ^^ffturitie chicfe nurfc of finnc. 

Hath bred contempt inallBoeotia. 
The old arc fcorjicd of the wanton yong, 
Vnhallowcd hands,and harts impurerifarre, 
Rend do wnc the Altars facrcd to the Gods. 

A3 , Heaucn 

The CetlersPrefh^e. 
Hc;;u<n is long fiifFrmg, and ctcrnall Powers 
which made the awful Ruler of t,hcrefl. 
Summon tliis meeting of the hcaucnly States: 
Thefirft waslupitcr, luiio with him, 
Next Mars and Vcnus,him I know you knewnoc, 
His Harncdeis conucrted to foftfiike. 
His warrcs are onely wantonings with her. 
That fcaHdalizethheauen and heapes worlds hate, 
Apollo ncxc.thcn Bacchus belly-God, 
And horned Vulcan forgerof heauens fire, 
Thclaft poore Cynthia making woflil monc, 
That (he is left f wcet virgin pod alont, 
I am but melTengcr, and mud not denounce 
Til the high fenateof the Gods decrccit, 
But facrcd Ccres.if I may diuine, 
Inheauenfhall Venus vaunt butlittletime. 

Certti Sopleafdcitmightylouethcdoomewcreiiiftj 
'Aittbiitgft thatholy traine what needs there \\xi\ 

JWlfrrwrir : I feeafortof wondringgazingeycs, 
That doq await the end of this conceit, 
whom Mercuric withwauingof his rod, 
' And holy fpcls inioines to (itand fee, ' 
th'effeftuall working of a Prophefie. 

Ceres : And Ceres fhedi her fwecteftfwctesin plentie, 
That while ye lUy their pleafure may content yc. 
Now dooIleaucthecMercuty.andwJllin to takemy place. 
Dot? what thou canftin wanton lufts difgracc, 
^^ercHrii t Ceres I will,and now I am alone 
flllladuifemeofameflenger ^^ 

ThatwillnotfaintrwillnotfaidI? ^| 

Nay ftjall notfaint fent forth by Mercuric, 
lam'rcfolud, the next I mccte with be it he or flic, 
To doo this mclTage fliall be Tent by me. 
Enttr Rapb Cfbler with hitjioole^ hu imfUmenttsttd/htM, 

TktC0fltnPr0fheJ!r. , 

Hey downe <townea downc a <k>wne». 

lijCT downe downca downca^ 
Our Dcauty isthe braucft La{Irki all thetoirne ar 
For beauties fwcete fake, I Qeepe when I fhouldw ake, 

fiteek ronutbrownea. 
Her cheekes fa redas a.chcrr j^ db make my hart (uirmeny , 
So that I cannot chooTe in cobling of my fhooes, 

but fing hey derrie dernc downe d«rrie. 

Ztlot* his wrfr withm. (y ourfilti Ibn, 

2«/0f4 r Go too Raph youle ftill be flngingloue fongs its 

"^fb : Content your felfe wife, tU ray own recantation. 
No louefong neither,but a carrol in beauties condeoinatio 
Z« .rwcUyear bed leaue lingtng and &li towork by & by 
while I to buy meat (or our dinner to markcidoo hie« (way* 
Ri And you were bcft leaue youe fcolding to^ get you a* 
»i Andl consrtoyouRaphi^e couriieyeas I didafatcrday 
^Courfe mefnowns, I vvoiild thou durft cocpe out of dore , 
AndthoudoftIleknocktheeontheheadthouan:antthou» ^r-.^. ..^ 
was not thi&lullily fpokeoU warrant fhe dare not come out 

Z#rlleree whatyeeledoo, whereareyeegoodDiaaLoitf? 

HtertefesvnicrtbtflMle^ .i 

!)^.*OnobodietellherthatIarovDderthe(lode» ' ^ 

Ztf : wheres thisptating Aflc^this dizzardJy foolc, 
MtTi why herel am Dante, letsfee what ihoucanft fay, 

BeftirreyourDiftafFc^doatheworftycmay, » 

Z# : Alas that cucr I was borne to. fee this fight. 

My Raph is transformed to a wicked fpright. 
Ma : Shec lies y&ith, / am here vndcr the ftoole, ,^ 

A/<r: LetmealoncRaph, holdtbypcaccthQufoole* ^ 

/am a fprkeiodccdc, a fiend which will purfuc thee ftill, i 

Vntill /take afuU reucnge of all thy pifoifcrediU, 1 

And for thy former dealings to thy husband hath bin bad^^, : / ( 
/^larme thee and inchaunt thee queane> 
Thotthenceforthfhahberaad: . / ^ 

' ' - And 

The Coblers Trofhec'ie. 
Andnpitern'.-ilhliyfooliili biainccurofftliisfianiickefit 
lillwiihihy IwndvuvMrin^lR' thou murder doe commit! 
Hi charmes her vetih htsrod, 
l^/* .■ Niy^Oic is mad enough a'rcadic, 
Forihe will doe nothing with nic bur figlit, , ' 

And ve make hir mor-c mad, /liclekill me out rl" h t. 

Zf/.- M.ikememadRaph,nof-aiihR;iph, ' . , / /: 
Thougli ihou bea diucll and a fpno-ht, 
Nerc toll the bell, Hciiot be gollippe, ° 
The childe lliall not be chiiUncd to ni<»ht. 
Goe to the back-houfc for the boy, 
' Bid the tankerd bring the conduit home. ■- \ 

Ilebiiynoplummeporredgc, .1 , / 

And becaufe thou haft a fine rod Raph, 
lie looke in thy purfc by and by : 
Andifthouhaueanymoncyinit, ■ / 

wcledrinke the Diuelldry, Diuell dry, &c. 

Hertfhe mnnei tthht the ftage fnatdiing at eft trie thing , 
fhee/eet. . ■ . • 

Rafh : Out of doubt iTic is mad indeed, 
Sec what acoyle (he doth kcepc, 

y^#r,Raph flic fliall trouble none of V's, Ilccharmcher 
fafta flecpc. /..!•. 

Zel: Come Raphjct« goe (Iccpc, for thou niulljnend 
Qucene Guiniuers ihooe* tomorrow. 
1 hauea pillowe ofniy owuCj lie neither bcgge nor borrow. 

Mer. So flccpe thy fiil,nowRaph come forth to m*e, 
• "T^/i^; Come forth quoth he m.irric God blclTc vs. 
IJj^ovv you haue made my wife mad what iha! become ofme? 
M4r: Fcarcnotcomelorthjlmcancnoljurttothec. . 
R4f: Well lie trullyou for oiCCjWliat fay yee. (bed 
Mer : Raph hic thee home, & thou (halt iiiidc vpon thy 
Attire that for aprophcts futc flial tbnd thcc in good ftcad 
A prophet thou muftbc and leauc tliv v.orkca vvhikl. 

•iap' APiophetfpqaketi Ha>ba,ba,JicBt!S»«oyro, 

What are you, I pray J 

Mer: 1 am Mercuric the Meflenger ofthcGoial 

Raph AndIamRaphCobler,twixtv«th«eitfoilKGci&. 

BurhcareyeGodMarkcdy,haueyouretorjitie ., ~" ^, 

Totakeafrccmanothiscompanie, . /;'.•> 

And hinder him tobe your Prop)ict fptaket, 

And when y c fet him a workc giue him nothing for hi« Tabor, 
Mer : 1 mull charmchim alleepe,or he wilHUIl bepratkig. 

Ue pleafc thee well, I pre thee Raph fit downc. 

2^<»pj!; Now I am fet, would I had a pot of ale. -. 

Mtr : We will haue twaine, but firft attend my wfew.' r " . 
He charmes him vaith hit rodajleejit, •<: ^iifi- 

Not farrehcnceliandctliMarshisCoUxt, • '•''r-'- 

towhoaithusiccthoufay, ', 



Jl fa^s though thoa he A {ockf tfibegftnUf 

thMvor.tfitocraehjda^^- ■ : ■< i._. 
• t^-In4vpi;hrlij[harp»tc/lpid)rei . : 

thecratttn Cocketdid^kiUandfttijt 
Sithnowthoitio^butfrHHithyVftngtj . 

A duughili Ctckethatcroes^y ligift^ > 

fl)i»lljliiie thee betray, ■ ■■ ' 

Afd tread thy Hen, andfor 4 tmt 

fjall earrie her avcaj, ... 

And She bj himfhallh*tdi*Qiiehf^ 

this Countrey to decay. 
Andfor thf/pretie Puilett»4me 

thou [halt the better learnt: 
When thoftPialtonelie letters fine 

within one name dijcfrne, 

which vuvvelsifthoMfian, 
Dofhfoundthat which to eiieriefMtit 



irf ij 




f«r tbdtt theiajlttrds tt4me: ■ i 

7li*Hr0Mfethy fetfrjtlKnreachthjffvffrd^ 
Now Raph awakc/cM: I haoc done 
the taske for which I came. Ex^, ■ 

. ^«fb Heigh ho, wakequothyou^Ithinkemdme, 
ibr I hauc flcptfoundly : 

And mc thought in my flecp this was God Markcdy, 

thathadchaunted my wife mad for good caufcwhr, 

that marloufly did frowne, 
With a dart of fier in his hand 

rcadietothtowitdowne. , 

Belowme thought there were falfe knauei 

v?*Ikiog hie honeft men vericcraftcly : 
And few ornene could beplainly feeue 

to thriue in the world byhoneftie* 
Me thought I Taw one that was wondrous fat^ 
Picke two men s purfes while they were (triuing for a gnat* 
And (bme that dwelt in ftreetes were large and faire. 
Kept backc fliops to vtter their baddcft ware, 
Vy hat meddle I with trades? Men makers and maidf. 
Yea and wiiies too and all are too too bad. 
Be iudgd by my wlfc,that was neucr well till Hie ran mad. 
Bat O the Baker, Irow he plaid ialfe with the ballance. 
And ran away from the takers tallaats. 
The Bruer was as bad , the Butcher as ill, 
For its their tricke to blow vp leane meate with a quilU 
And with thcftrokea Batcher gauean oxe 

cliat lotrd belle wing did make, 
Iloftdghtof allthcothertrickes, ^ 

and fu fodainly did wake* 
But now maft Raph trudge about his ptophe tarion^ 

Fai A yc fhall hearc mc ttoU it out af€« my ftfliion, £*»V .' 

"■""■■ " " ' Eiitfr V 

Tht Cthttrs Trofhecie. 

Enter SiXerosafonlMer^atiJCorsumftuamin^ 
dimfeife Contdiu 
Sat: Thus haue I fcrued in my Princes Warres, 
Againft the Pcrfian and tbc Afian Powers : 
Ihe cole-blaikc Moore that reueJsin the Straights 
HaucI repelled with my lofTc of blood. 
My fcartes are witncs of my hard cfcapes ! 
My wrincklcs inmyface(madeoldbycare. 
When yctmyycresarein their chiefcftprime) 
Are gUflcs of my griefe,light$of my languor. 
That line djfgracde,and haue dcferued honor. 

Cent ; I am the adraircdft in Boeotiaj 
By honoringmethou nialtobtajneprefermenfc 

Sat : Vnto the Gods and Prince doo fouldiers honor^ 
And wert thou oiie of thcfc, I would adore thee. 

Ceui : I afflof potvermorethaoaU.tlK'Gods 
TdfitandrulethebarttofalldegrkesJ - 

They haueinmc content, a$ thou ihalt fee 
A prefcnt inftance in thefe entring men« . 

EntirEwmiHS* C«urtier;witbhiW4ZthoBer^r,i 
4 Comntrey CeMtltm/m, 

Contr t Haile to Contents diuineff exelence* 

Sf A«// Contentour fweeteftgood, we doofalute thee^ 

C9Mr: Thoughlaft/am uotleaftin duteous kiadncs 
Tothee Contcntalthoughthou bene God, 
y et greater in a cconnt than all of them. 

Schel: But if ye knew his name wer Olygtros, which fignifieth 
Contempt,you would not miftale him, and name him Content. 

Cwtx O Mas fchollerbepatient/orthoughyou like notmy 
name, you loue my nature : and therefore Gentlemen forward 
with the difcourfe intended at our lail meeting : and in that cob^ 
ierence this Gentleman a fouldier,/prefume will make one. 

C»Mr : Being a roldier,hi$ companicis fit for anie honcft gen.. 
tleman,and therefore wclcomeinto our cotnpanie. 

$4^; /tbankeyoufirt 

The Cohlen Prof htiU, 

Soul: ThoughtlieCourticrfpeakchimfairc,inIiartIknowc 
he difdaincs him for bis bacc apparel! : wherein he obfcrucs one 
pnnciple of my law. Welcome him Scholler. 

5fW: To me a Souldier i J a wcJcomeman. 

5*«/: I kindly ilianke you fir. Enter %gfh. 

Rifh Sir: whatfir^orwhdtttirhaUcwchere; VVhyyeproud 
Pagans and Pancm noftrams, Uiinkeye n6 bettor of a Prophet 
thdn yc would of a Pedlar j and make yenoinore accountofme 
thanyedooofaCoblcr. ,, 

^ Cant: As thou arc. 

RAfh Aslam; NoyelittlcgQofetiipGoc^ knowe that God 
Markedie made mc a Prophet, 'andfeiitnicofaroefl'age to the 
blandring God of thethundring wa^ffcjto Mars, to Maua aua a- 
ua ars : twill come:nereyour nofe lurle God I can tcil yc. 

Ofif- Wcllholdthype^ccof that.andletvshearthefcGen- 
tlemendifputcV'-:'" i'V >';i . , . 

Rafh Will they ^oufi^, whereon? .. L . . . 

CoKf. Hcof the Coarti the- other of th(i Countrcy , tjjl t^of 
BookeSjthat of Battels, u, ;. ■■.>■- - ' 

^rf/i/> Andlof Prophcfi« . 

j^#«! ^Jojthouandlwillixt ftill, and giufi ouriudgcmeets of 
this controuerfiet 

Raph Well content,, but lie fpcakc my nijndcwhcuijil}, 
thatsflat. , 

0«»--' Sit downe then j Gentlemcnwhenyoupleafe begin. 

Emn: Fiiftl am a Courtier, dailyinmy Prir.ccseye : which 
oncgoodofitfclfealoueisablctoniakcmy£Maie aboueallo- 
thcr happy. Byitlget wcalth,fauor, crcdir, countenance : on 
me atTertdfuters,prayingjpdying,andpfomifingmore,thau ci- 
ther fomctimcs they are able to pcrfbrmc,or I a{ moll times cx- 
pcft. ^ 

R4fh Thats true,for I was a filter three ycre viito )e for men- 
dngyourpantables, andlwaspromift more than I could euer 
gct,ordidcuerlookefor. , 

6mn: /Vtthe.cntertaijim.cntof ftraBgers, whobut theCoufr 
tictisinbraue account? or to the hcaueuly fellowfliipof dminc- 
,v^%■. > eft 


Cftbe'autie, and fwccte conforcof louely' Ladies, wlio but the 
Courtier is called? whilctheSchollerfit&'aU'day'inHemingfj'llo- 
gifmcs, the Councrcy Gentleman plodding amdng P'jore hindsj 
andthisbarefoaldierherccarrowfingtimotig ■his prating com- 
panions. I :.J'^ ;!i:,. I ;;■•]!:) J ; ^'iit. ;■ /i ^ :;■ 

Soul: Why aiouldierof deCcrt- (aswithn09TherdooIcori4 
fort) can be no lefTetliaii a Gentleman, and iome Courtiers ate 
icarcelb much. Dcfcrt I deiiie not is oft'preftrd,Bllt!<)felcrflat- 
trie. Becaufe I am iiomely clad, you hold me diftion6tibIc'«'but 
inthisplainefutchaue I beeniwhcreybudlacc riotwitil^Uy<5trt^ 
filkes. . ■:'■■ ■: •' : ■; •. r>..;''-^* "-^iv ' :' 1. 

Et»n: y Vhy/h«uebee»Vyhcr©thottdaTe!fi4ifttcOftlfti<''j .' -" 
5o«/: /thats in tlieMcrccrsbookc,whcrcy wilinotCOfH^*' 
Jiaph A word withyciVJasfouldicr. - :.•■•:.:.<, 'r.2''i .-:•.'.','> 

Raph Tis caufe tlie Mei'c^r will liottruft }'e;::far Jiefcnovs'fii Hi 

bookc is as good as a fconcciftw y-eijoultasuct oMt tiiHyt)t^lic5 

i; torne or fired out. .'vc.i':/, .;.•/-' :.r!! ■j;'ii:.>^; 

Sekl: How ere defpifed, yet a»b/a .C^eritlciran,. aniiiii tlie 

confliftof Arbaccs Gcn€rail)'of Perfia/iatMaxacbon,^refciicd 

the colours of Eoeotia .,/ haue had b© ay. vvoj'ds and foine ircOTarcl; 


I - . fcruelawes,thercinappearestheifiuifejc*,atjfiiiccq«albiigtltc 

'' fchollcr : brine, Princes tothraldom, thotrtfiuniphiDgGUCrcour- 

'; ' tiers : ate liberal! to giue^ wherein for the utoil rhey.cxccll the 

Countrey Gentleman,. /ftbricfe,'thc]i are thtfwordi of heaUH 

to puniOi : thefaluc of heaucn toffitie.! .'OfHvKore rjiujnberjpic.e.- 

ing not themeanelt, /thinke myfeliirf iottan^iuiBaiiQur: S<?alfijc 

of chefeGenclcmcn. .tn ;;;-,• ','ji,/.,.fi.' ;';.■"!■•(. ^ . 

Raph But thou haft made manie^>G»dcfeacuckoWb^y flea- 
ling away his Hen. ,:!■■//.: 

Cemtr: Nay my lifeexcelletball, /infilaeCountFeyliuca 
King, my Tenaunts (as va{Iailesi):aitcatinJ5wril;Cyn}maunded,7: 
feaifullcr Iknow thcf 'arljjftjai^iidaiiliibgei t4aaii,diiUer$.0;f ^ 
CqurtierstooffendtheDdkijr <3ome'tbci'eiUlie'tJij5kes tobec 
^uicd, /tuch not mine dwWeftcircy'foroatPiera /takeitiand / 

B 3 niay 

wiay fay to you with fomc furplufagc : my wood they bring 
niehomcmyhayanclcornein harucft: their catteU^rciUMtl^ 
fonnes,andIelues,arcatmycoramaund, " 

IR^h Nay and you fpeakc Latin,reach meinjlafle* 
Harltc ye mas Schollcr, harkeye. 

The time ihall come not long b cforc the doomC;, 
That in defpitc of Roome, 
Latin fhalilacke. 

And Gveeke ihall beg with a wallet at hisbacke. 
For all are not fober that goes inblacke* 
Goc too feholler.theresalearning foryourknaclce. 

C«if/r.« At my liftcan /rack their rents, fet them tofoc«,bin# 
ttem tofarfctSjforce them to what/pleafe. if /buildjthey bee 
my labourers : if bargainc.on them /build : and for my ^ood 
lookc they are content to endure any trauell* 

i^^ But for alt this tU and \prtong^ I 
MarketheCoblcrsfong, , 

The hichill and the deepe ditch. 
Which yedigd tomakcyour feluesrich. 
The chimnies fo manie,ana almcs not anie, 
The widovves wofull cries, 
,And babes in Hreete that lies^ 
The bitter fwcate and paine ; 
That tenants poore fuliainet 
Willturnetoyourbaneltellyeplaine,. ._ 

When burning fire (hall rainc, " -'-^ 

Andfill with botch and blaine > ; 

The finew and each vainc. fi 

"then thefe poorc that cirie, 

B«ng lifted vp on hie, 

"VVhcnyou arc allforlornCj 

Shalllaughyoulowdtofcorne:; ^ ^ 

Then where will bfethe fchollers aliegorie% 

VVhcre the Lawier with his Alatorics, 

Where the Courtici with bis b?auMic, ^ 

And the money nionging mate with all lus knaucri*. 
Bcthinkcmc can I no where els, 
Bat in hcli where Diucs d wels. 

But I fee ye care not yet, , ,^ 

And thrakethefc words for me vnfit, . * 
Andgeffc Jfpcakefbrlackcof wit: 
Stand afide, ftand afide, for I am difpofed to fpiV; 

Cont: BcquictCoblcT.letshcarcthcSchoUcrJpcakcJ 

Rafh I giuc him rctoritie : to it, 

Sfhoi: VVhat the Courtier drcaminglyfoflcfTcs, the Coun- 
trcy Gentleman with curfTes, and theSouldionr with cares :I 
cfuietly enioy without controll'. In my fludie I contemplate 
whatcaubedoncin batcls^Sc with mypenhurt more than thou- 
fands doo with pikes, I ftrike him that feci me not» 

%afh I thoughtyou were a proper man of your hands to come 

Scbol: Ifcctheheightofheaiien. 

R«fh But thou m akcft no haft thither, 

Schtl: I view the depth of hclL 

%afb Isthcrcanieroomeinhellforcurft wiues andCoblers 

SckeScr : Content is my Landlorde , peace and quiet are my 
companions, I am not with the Courtier boond to daunce at- 
tendance; nor .'with the Countrimanbindelotheritoattende 
ohmec. Ipoflencpleaftire more thanmortall , and my coo- 
Ccmplat ion is onely of th c life immortall* 

CoMrtier: Bat you would bceglad to creepc in credit in the 
CoiircScholler,andnotbccuiiou$of themeanesjfor all your 

Schtlh I willnot acquaint you Gr with my intent, for they 
are fooles that in fccret affaires are too familiar, know this, that 
I intend toawaiteoccafion. 

Soldier: Faith Mafter Schollcr yet it Aands not with your 

Countrie gentUmdn : Nor with you Soldier to be thus blunt 
^er your rude fafliion, ^ -- - 

Sowlh: Al'as iTr, youpwft ncedcs he csrcren«*£r Rers & Maine 
your poore tenants pny for yc :.thcir'br,cad>nd chc?.fc isfcl^bHi 
denied to anie.whcnyourfm^Ubcercisfcatfr common tloma- 
nie^. Ycuknowwhatwilbemadeof afatoxcaiwellastheGr?, , 
fier, of the talloweas wellas thcButcher, of ? tod of woolla& 
wellastlicStaplcn ,^ 

Comtr .:. VVhaC-hath apy man fg doe vvibat /.cloje wktraiac 

own^)..,,. v.rrr v^,;^j.., I; ,,:'./ ..^., ,,. f'^ .'.'-j 
S. /alls tliineowne that ^^m.esin thyhands. ' ;. , / " . * .. .; 

^«>«p/^ : Skj^Ou vvoiald ni.akc enpugli of kin yoMfs to/ 
S#»/- /njafterCourdeijth^ts tojdealcas you doc. 
Sei«/.-.TbiirTot»ldicri»3srQHghasifhe wcFeinthef^'cl^^ ;. . 
■'.' S3c»/r;M.¥hcre,y,ouAyoMld.b);a»tatBe, ■ . li ■ 

Cow/; Hasapfou4,has't<boughabeggcrshab% '' f't-j 
> ; S«jrf:i)Y\rheFe/fjequcfl.t tjiis habit femes my turn* : and a* 
goodly afight were itrofeeyou there in your filkcs,as thcfchol- 
1 erskirniiniing in his long gown^or the couatreyGi(|ntlcnHWi ri- 
dmg on a fat Oxc withamQjp fp*idegn his nee Jcc J , , 
Jiaph What, riding running} bi^in^^bl^lling,./ 1 ^^ ,^ 
'^reey3spaitrfcn(>tfor:ajiBfopbst5;CAlJiag,^ :, ■.■[^r'^^y^^- 
Thercfore /will not bee fo mad, ../"''"' 

To caftPcarles to fwinclo bad. .. ,' <ir jiO 
'Caief.-jPrethecRaphttjyalittle, .,■ ^ ; , 
'RapS: Lir tlclittlc feeing, Gfi4 /ihall f? c y9u JQ a fpifi;^ ' JT^. 
■ ^X^w/'YoivdifputatiiMt being done Ocii^5;j[ie;?j|wy 
highly contented mce?. what will yenowdoo? j." 

£»»»: Mawy wcwillallto^theeighteenepencjftOrdina^^bv* 
fay yc Gentlemen ;,:;: , :■ .■;,:' " . •• jii'--^"^' 

C<7»«m' Nofir,not/,tistoodeerebymyfaith» JT, 

S chol: V Vhy you flwll b e itiy giiiHt for this 9;«C9. ^(^^j^yt 
youmaft-crfolij'.dier? ;■. ss ■;'.■;;; Vj'^.jt i,(-. ■.'•• ■'\-,. 
S'o»/.- No fir/ mufttumcone ofy<«]riaeaifsintotl^p'c, j 
AndfuerieoncafufFlcicntbaiK^uctformc. ■ - • , , 

Coftr .- Faith andyouhadkeptyour newes vntillnow, vce 
Hiould haue bin,my gueft, for yo,«j;;(;alk« would h^ucfeiiidw til 
' foi-ih?table. ■• •I'li -,, -i^Tt 

-2 -• 

3$nl: Thaw I praftilc of thine ownc arte : it makes thy enm- 
f ante borne withall, where oth'eiwife thou wcrt no fit giicft, for 
talcs at Jcnie tables arc as good as tcfterfts. 

^#*r: Nay then! percemeycegrowchoilcricke,coroefirj^ 

Cttit.Why Gentlcmcn,nofarewelltoyoUrlitt!e God, 

t/illihrie: Suffice it withonc vainc Cerenaonies trcihcw ouj 

0».- lis enoughjfiircycc well. 

Exeunt Courtier, Schcier,(lnntrU. 
''■ ^wfeiwp/ .'Now fculdier, what vmU thou doe} 

i>W<<; baitli firasi may, 

CoHf. VVilt thou (cruc nic, and doe as I will thee, andthott 
fhalt not want, 

Scu.'d: NorforifthynamcbcCpntfirptas theSchollerfaid, 
I ahhorre and di. fit" I hoc, 

C«n: 1 ucn as il.c childdoth worirefecd hid in Raifons, which 
ot itielfchc C.I notbrroke : fo thou canft not abide'my name, 
butlou(;Ilmvnaiurc:tbrpii;oic,wanting]iuingriylftonthc CJ- 
*y> grcculKit till country, yea grudgeftat the King himleife: 
thou'.aiRiiiouait roing to thy Patron Mars with a (uphcition 
forbettringihy cl!aie,ardhow^by warrwherhow many rapes, 
wrongs and rrurdeis re connmiitcd,thy <e^fe be iudge,all which 
thou citecmcll not off.lo thy owne want Lcfupplicd. 

Son/d : Contempt herein thou reafoneft like thy fclfe , 
Bafeniiadcd men / know therearein field. 
That doc delight ia muidei ,rapc a;id bided, 
As there are tares income and weeds with flowers, 
And enuious Inakcs ^itiong tl.e fleeting filh .• 
Butforfhenoblelbu!dicr,iieiiiuiT ' 
T opunnifhwrongs.proteft the innocent, 
VVeakenthe tyrant, and confiimcthengl.t, 
VVant cannot m^kc him bafely liiBiiiif u J, 
Wealth c-nnot make hiin proudly inlo 'cut, 
Inhcnourablcthouglit.vdwcliliis cot tent, ' 

And he isfoc to alkhat louc contempt. 


. The Colters Proffh^cif. 
fpiitrtKptf Th^nSatcrosthQuartuoinatcfornwe,' ' Ex-tt, 
Scnldier: No> V'^Oaitrconiersaieficikue.s^for.thee. . .£.\it\ 

Enter CloJ'vi elf online, <t!:d Tlialia ; CUqwithapenk^ift^ 
Mc'ponni.ic hfiii£^idlf^ ThalLi rcriting, 

TIuUa: Clioapen. / 

C//5: BotIipciianclq:il'Imil1e. 

TW«.- One E!hid;N-pcn;icyct 111 mypemieris/ 
Quickly fake tl^at and nint>c a pen f(>r inc. 
_ Mclpomine : The feathers of a gluttonous bii'd flicvv what the 

wc.irers be, 
' Thalta : Mclpominclcnd raca pen. 

Melgom: Minepicrcctoohardfj^ryourwritlr^, 

Enter%afhC«Rir, ^ . ', ^ 

' ' Thiilia : Quickly a pen Jia, ha, fond fooliOi raen^ 

Rafh : Foolerno foole neither thou^Ii none of tiic wifcft Oaiac» 
But a Pi ophet one of Merlins kinde I am. 

Mil: Arc thou a Proplict^wliats thy name? 

Raph -.RajihCobt. 

C//0.- ler.fpeakeont, 

t;^<i;>i: Ychait)fa;th. 

rhah A pen a pen in haft, . ., 

That I may write this Pageapt etc it l>c part. . 

Rapd: Comes thcre^ Pageant by , Ilcftandoutof thegrecnc 
menswayforburnJQgmy vcftmenr. 

tW; A p\;iigoodCho,fiehowyemakem.cftay. 

Clio: Makcfhift awhile you (hall haucth'.sfttaightway» 

i?*/»^.- IflJiadapcnasIbauciionc, • 
Fori vfe no fuch tool e, 
Thou fliouldd haue none atiitj 
t/;<«.* A will begoneincoiumcnt. 

Cio.- Hold Chcres thy pen, c - ■ 



%afht But are j'ou the Gods^ of tht Scdiicrfcr*y 't\kt ybw 
' fiiakc pens fotefl trow wc. ' o 

Shttr feuidier^ 

C//ft.*Ofiftersfliiftwearcbctraic!, ' 

Another man I fet, 

StHldier: ACiWytamSLtyGVacommittiA, 
Bcnqta^aidof me, 
'^ Rafh : No, no, tjs the fouldjcr , heele dooy cc nohtjrt Iwar- 

raiitj^^cc. " 

^if/p*«»! TofeearaaiKojncintBispla'ftC, , 
JtisfottrangcroVs, - ' ' " 

As wearctobehcldej^cufde, .^ . 
That arcaniazcd thus. - ^ 

But art thou a foul dier? l - 

,. 5tf«»/av YcaLadjV " -' " ■ ', ; , ' ■ _ • 

Jiff/: Th&)>ettcrwcicpru«vntbpitf, ' , 

, _■ " ^i-T/&«:-Nbffotome, - •' ^ ^' '^J- •^.■■; - ' ■ ■ _■:';>. -^ 
_/' ^4^,: And what am I? . v~ . 

. t*<i: Be whiff awhile, H'etelUhecby and byl -:; . 

•^ ^rffib; rhats feme mends yet for calHng of me ibole» 
''•5»«/</i ThankiLadies for youi:' culrtcfiesjbut the fight of ihrce,- 
fiidi Godd«flcs on the fodainc , hath driuen inee into certain* 
mufes, ^ .' ",,;■ '';•'- '''■'.. 

£«A».* certajnemufcsi '■ ' >•..•''. j. 

5fl(»/: Bfpecially being alonefofollitanclntljis woq^^, - 
£<¥/&» fin this' wood.' '_ J -'^' '■■'■-■: .'"'■. 

■ 'je<?/fr{Harkefouldrcrfoitifebo<fyittbc|[«thfifc ': ' : 

' £«iitf:'Mockhee.- ^ "'■'''-';' ''^v ■"'- > '■ ' ' ,•■ ' j 
V ' Jtafh: Hocks vat tmch, '^''' ■; *'■ 'f-^ - ■ -f^' '■-■' i^^U 

■' ■ ', ^ ^cfco: Much. ' ''-'. " '^^ ^^'V' •u--v.;.-.;^.-; '/^t-; , 

' '' j5tf«/.-Holdthypeac'«*goodRjiph. ' - J-''-rt w; . , /^w 

i ' ^«p6; Raphjthafsmynamcindcede,^ - . jiii ' vvr;^ : 

*■' ButhovvrtialiJcalltliec; '' • • : ^ ' '. 'vi'. : ; ,:.' -.r . , 

\ " £«fAo.*IcaUthce4 . , ^i!':/ . :. ..l- , 

~ iJrfp*.' 0oft thou: 'Mas Wajtet^iBVtotlrtCirandV 

^ tbtC»Hm-frofk,fcii, 
IknewwhcMthouarc, ; . .• 

EeehoiThoviatu '5' 

" Rdph': Art? faith and thou be as pretty a wench as any of tlicft 
thrce,niy mad wife (hall neuer know that I play auiadpart» 

EcchaiVittt , • i! 

J?4i/>A:Pait:/lecproe. : : <j' ii- 

Ecck»i Come, 
\X<i/)i7.-FaithandIwill4iaucatihce, Exit, 

Melilhxxi arewc wellridof one that would hauc troubled 
pur talkcuadthisattifiaallcccho, hath to!d thee what'we are; 
certainc mufes dwcllingiii this wood,in number twice fo many 
morcTHS we bchcre, 

^ould: Your names good Ladies? 

Aielf. Mine Melpominc,hir$CUo,this that writei ThaW. 

Stonld'. Might I wicliout offence iutreate three things, 
I jliouid be greatly bound. > 

CiW(f/j»*VVe will notdeniethcc three things, that can partiei* 
rue to thee tbcuf^tnds. 

Seitld: Firft wouid i retyieft of this Ladie, whether (he write 
vv'uh this Bftriklgc quilLbfpurj)of«^or for want of o 'her. 

lb*. Somewhat for want, hyt efpecially of purpofc: the me« 
which now doe miuillerm? matter to write , ncreofthena- 
tureoftheEftiidge: who Hauingthc bodic of a bird, hath the 
head ot a bcaft: iTie is greedy,deuouting and difgeftmg a1 things, 
and builds hirneaftin fand:l'o are my worldhngs , bodied and 
feathered as birds to flic to hcaucn, but headcdas beads toima- 
pinebcaftlythinges onearth: downctoihe wliich their Cam- 
nicls necks doe draw their vcric no!cs: greedy arc they deuou- 
ring the Orphanes right, and difgcfliiig tlie widdo^cs wrongs, 
Fdolini.forgctful and Jiroward,bm;ding tlieir nefl on fand,which 
the windcritheauenswrathoru'aterot worldly alfliftioi doth 
fcatter and a-afli away. Thusartthouanfwcredforthcfirftjdc- 
Biaund the reft. 

So: N>:xt Ladies wVy doo you ivsaine Iltnd idle, 
a»d let Thalia take the paine. 

fcJWW: Ou gcctci a»dgcft$ the world «onelyfcf, 

TheCoHtnPrefhefie. " 
For me there i» no vi'orkcno tragickc fccne, 
Bati.ii'csarcdonc,fhcpcoplcliucinreft, ' :^ 

Theynicdnotcarcsbucarcfecurcpaf^nicane, ' 

SohU: V Vhy lend you not Thalia then fome penU 
Mel: Mypensarctootoofiiarpetofitliirftilc, 
I {hallliaactimecovfe thcrainawhile. 

SW,^: ButgentlcClio,mcthinksyourirkcisdiyt ■ >_ 

C/w Itmaybcwcll, iliaue doncwntingl, 
So/k/^^; What did you rcgiflcr when you did write? 
C//«;tiic works oF famous Kings,andfacrcdPricfts, 
The honourable A fts of leaders brauc, 
TIic deeds oi C odri, and Horatij, r . 

The loue Li curgas bore to Spartans ftate, -'. ■ 

ThcliuesofaunciCHtSagcsandiheirfawes, ^ ■■<■• .. ■ 

Their memorable works.theirworthylawcs. * : ' 

Now there is no fuch thing forto indite .i-»_^ 

But toyesjthat fits rhahafor to write, . -v ^ 

SohU: a heauic tale good Lady you vnfold, : :. ; '.\ 

Ale there no worthie things to write as were of ol3, 

C/«: Yes diucrs Princes make goodiawes, ,, 

But moft men ouer flip thim. 

Aiiddiuersdyinggiuegoodgifts, , ' , 

But their executors nipThem, :; .. . , -\ ■ . 

A/if/.-Tifiphoneisltcppingtotlxfl»ge,aHdiTic hath fwome 
towiu'pthcm. , : 

Son. Tbc tiurd and laft thing 1 requirjcis ifyou can; ■,..:. 
fliewme the mightjc Mais ii-iCourt4 - ;fi.irfij:-. 

^r/: VValkc hence a flight flioot vp the hillj 
And thou fli-ilt fee hi5 caftle wall. 

Sff«/, Ladies the gilts that I can giue, 
/s numbly thrice to thank'eyouall, ' Exitt 

.^i?/: Farewell pjrelouldier* ' - ^ 

CA»: Thalia now wee are alone, telvs what pageant t\ra? you 

Th* : XW3S thus; T»» kjievt the g»dt loig/iHce [tut fiownty 
Ilntfurefrtm hsMtfCi tt comfort men «» tAttii, 

C3 "^u^fm 

'Pleafure abuzdc in country qpairt and townej^tUf'- ^- ' : 
By fpccclics.seflurcs.aiMtdinioneft mirth, -.'i^i'^:-: . 
Made hirtnble lute that he to heauen might pafTa - < 
A gaine,firoxii world where he fo wronged was.. 
His futcobtamd,ai>d ready heto dime, >'' " . 

Sorrow comes iHcakingandpcrformeshisdcede, jviif > 
SnatchcshisRpabc.andeuerfincc that time, ■ i.- *••'■%, 

Tispaine that masks difguifdc in pleafiircswccde, '- 

The Pageant's thus, with coll and cunning rrim, 
that woildHngs welcome Paine iiiftcedc of him. 
Loath was Itliatvnpendonciotcof" thisiliouldgoe, . 
Becaiifcl/miletofcefor weale.howfwectlymeuiwiIlVroif. • 

Melfa: Woeisthefirftwordlmuft write, bcginningwhcre 
you end, 

I haucjncke inough aod p<MK good ftor e, 
C/«.- Perhaps the world will mend. :■ 
\<W«/: Iwoufd it would, -■ - .- ■ 

phi Why if it (hoiUd you faHe itiyour accoui>t. 
,t^4/m : Then you perliaps will hauefnnic workc. 
C7r0; Tufh come lets mount the Mount. > Exetpitt 

■ ^. --VVaha how, wa how, holla how whoop : Didno body 
(ee the mocking fpriCe , I am fuie I haue followed her vptfnd 
downeall thisday crying and calling wh^e my throat is hdatfe 
againc . He comurehertoobuttisinvainc,for knowledge hath 
knockt thatin the brainV, but be it d judior be it fpright. He call 
againc to haue a figlit ♦ Yaha how ; Nay I Ic call againe» 
£»/«r Charon. ■ 
Charon: Againe, / and ag.iine too , f trow. 
What night and day no reft but row? , ' 

Comeif thou wiltgoeouer Styx, - 

For if thou ftay a while / thinkc, 

There wil 1 come fo many my boate )*ill finkcy 

^rf .• Ouer ftix / and ouer ftonest, 
Hcres a queftion forthenonce. 

Why what art thoii / pray thcc tell? > " • ; 

\, - VVhy 

7hi CahkrsPfofhepe. 

C: WhyGharonFcmniaiiofhell. 

;R»r : Why what a diuel doo / with ihec? 

•xhre tor feme within : A boatc,abojtc, aboate. 

C : Haikc whaca coilcchcy kecpe , come if thou wikto iicU 

^ [mail voice. Aboate, aboate,aboarc. 

Rn : This lliould bee the voice of a wonian , comes womca 
thither coo. 

C : why men & womeu eucr)'houre , / knownot whatto.clb,' 

^areafveicer ABoatc^aBoatc^a Boate, •,' " ' ■ 

if4: riiisfhould be the voice of fome great man, . , 
. C: V Vhy tropes aticlPrcl.itcs,Piinces and /udgesraorcthatt 
/number can. 

But the coiKtousmifers th^y fret rae to the gall, 
/ thinketbey biingtheirnioncy to hell, 
Forchey way thcdiuclandalL 

Ra: Masandmaywellbe,forthcresltttle money ftirringoft 
the earth. 

A voice haflilie : Charon a boatc, a boate Jlcpay thee well for 
thy hire, 

C: Why what art thou that makftfuch haft; 

I'Wtf : The Ghoft ot a gray Frier. 
So troubled wkh Nunnes a? neuer Frier was,^ 
Therefore good Charon let me bcfii-ft, 
That ouer tlie Foord rhaH pa5. 

C: Come fura.thouhcarft what a callingthcy keep wilt thoii 


%<: VVhy Charon this calhng makes thee raadlgcfTe, 
Why I am nofpiritebutliuingtlaph, 
And God Markcdie lends meofbuhncs, 

Ch : TuiTi^if thoa be fcnt of God,wc cannot holdthec farcwcl. 
Enter Codius, 

O^r .• Yet gentle Charon carrie mec? 

Ch : Thee; VVhy whatart thou, that liaing fucft to go toJielU 

Codrtu: rhc wrctchcdft man of wretches moll that in this 

wictchedworld doth dwell: 



Dirpifde, difdaindCjftarudCjwhiptaiKircomd, 

Prcft througli difpairc my fcl fe to quell, 

I therefore coucltobcho!difgrcatcrtormcntbeinhc!k 
c^f /f/Atf ro/«/, A bote.a bote, a bote» 
C&(r.' I come , 1 com?» 

Rtp : Nay / prethcc let them tarrie and barken to the pore, 
C^<*: Codnis / cannot hclpc thee now,and yet 1 wifti thcc wcl, 

Thcrcs fcarccly roomc enough for ricli. 

So chat no pore can come toiicli. ' ', 

But when die duch is digged downe as cleane as is tb« Kail 
Thae parted heland purgarohe.thenirthouchaunccto cab 
Becaufe /fceas thou art pore thou art iinparienr. 
To carry thee quickly vntobcllCodrusilc be content. 
And now tbctitnewillnotbeelong.fbr theiscommifliongpne 
Forworkemc.thathaucpowerromake Elyfium& Limboonc, 
And there arc /hipwnghtsfcnt fortpo, Xa build me yp a bigger ' 

Abotefaid/Jnay awholehulke: - (bote. 

And that the fame may fafclyflotCj . 
Cocytus,Lcthe,Phlegcton ' 

Shalal be digged into Stvx: V 

Forwhereone svorittocomctonellj . ' 

/tel thee now comes fiue or iixe, \ 

Furignor,?nc^^wonttobe, - '"^ 

/s wilful bli^Hpiow become* 
So thou muft^^TC when roome is made, 

/ tcltheeyetthcreisnoroorae. . - ■ • j 

ifdpA: / pre theetclmeonething. ..j 

CA:rhat/*rilRaphwhats the matter? j 

i?4/,:Cluron why doth thy face lookefo black, and thou vfc 1 

fomuch the water > t ir . \ 

Chai 0,"ight w,i$ my mother ,tbisis hir markc» , 

Icannotwafli ir off, Codras farewell. r; 

0.-t:haron Adieu. ^•'• 

•R^: Botcfman} _ . / 

0:Hagh. . . J J 

.iJ<*:Theresafcoffe,thatsawatcmianmdecd. yy^jj 

Weill mufl to God Mars for ali this, 
I wouldl could mcetc my fouldier agen. 

EvtfrI.mnmC*mter fo/m. 


"Emn : Euen as tht Eagle foarcs againff the funne^ 
Andfprte of Phoebus fhine, pries in his face: 
Eueii asthefwordfifh mectesthemighty VVhalc, 
And puis the hugiemonfter to difgrace. 
So Emnius though ts intending to afpire 

Soregainftthefijiiuic,andflecteinwrathfnllyrei ' 
The Du&e the funnc that dazles Emnius eyes, 
The Duke the hugicV V^hale that ouer-bcare»^mee^ 
. B ut I will gazcand blinde him too ere long, 
And play the ftt'ordfilh though helitcte fearcs mee. 


And this my reafbn isfor I miflike him. 
His Daughter wirlijnticingwordsiswoonemine owne,' 
But I dildainc iicr were (heefaiicrfarrc: 
Tulh tis for rule I cnftand Princely throne. 
The ftate of Prince, brighter than brighceft ftarrc* 

And vvlio doth hinder Emnius b.ut the Duke? 
And therefore who /hould pehfli but the Duke? 
Shortly a folemnchunting he emends, ,. 
And who but 1 isput in chicfeft truft? 
Well He be trullie if my Piftol hold, 
In loue andkiiigdomes /wf wiilprooue vniuft. 

He dead, I wed liis Hciic and onely Daughter, 

And fo fhall winne a Crowne by one mans flauglitcr, 
Suppole he haue beene kinde, hberall and free, 
V Vhy I confefle i t, but its my defirc. 
To bcasableto beftow as hce, 

Ofoueraigne glory, cliieivUeanh!ygood, 

ACrownc.' to-.vhich who would not wade through blood, 
rhentuthlcsofhislifcdoolrefolue, . 


To wait my time till I hauc wrought his end, 

He dies, the- Diikc fli^idie, and Emaius raigue. 

Were he my facher or a dearer friend, 

Tcarcs fliallnothindcrjpraiersfball notintrcateincei 
But in his throne by blood I foonc wilHcatc nice* 

E^ttr Souldicr, R,apii , M ars his lame Torter in ritfUt 
armoHr, and 4 liroksn l>ill, the Hcvtaid with "■' 


Safh : Art thou one of God Mars hi« crainej 

Alas good father thou art lame, , '. ' ' -. 

To b e a fotiidierfarre vnluflic. 
Thy b ciird is gray thy armour rufficj 
Thy bili I thinkc b c broken too. 

Portei : Friend make not tboufo much adoo j' 
Mylamcnescora;sby warre. 
My aiinoursrufiincs copies by peace,' ,. 
A maimed fouldicrmadcMars his Porter, 
Lo chisam I : now queftioning ccafc. 

kaph: And what are you ? A Painter with your penfillaftd 
your colours braue? 

Her-, No Painter but a Herrald fircha to deciphcra Gentle- 

Raph: Pray fir, canyeeGcntlcraanandknaueitbothin onC 
man, and ycc can fir, ] pray you doo it in me. 

Her: /ndeed /cannot in thy felte, 

Haph : Smg orte two and chree, dri^ after race, 
Andfofi^all werightwellagree. 

Senl: Sir take no heed what he doth fay. 
His foo'ifli humor you doo fee. 
But tell me pray are you a Herr:ild, 


Soul: /fhou'dhnucrathertookcyoutohaucbecne^ 
AppcUcsprcntife,you were with colours fo prouidcA 

Tf.'e Cohhn Trof]iecii. 
Jn aunticnt times hauc Heralds bccnc cftcerrd, 
Anclheld companions for thcgrcateft Kings* 
Augufius Cxfar made a lavv,lo did Antonius too, 
Tii"t without Hcrraldsgrauc aduicc Princes Ihouldc notliijig 


Her : Well tficn was then,th cfe times arc as they bc' 
VVc now are faine to wait wliogrowcs to wealth, " 
And coinc to bcare feme office m a t owne. 
And wefor money help them vnto Annes, 
For what cannot the golden tempter doc? 

^yW^^.-Alamcinable tiling it is, but telWs/iatrcate, 
V Vlicre might we finde adored Mars. 

/ffr: From hence fir you to Venus Court muftpafTe, 
Goe by the dorc of Dalliance, and ifyou there him mis 
AOcc Niccncs for llie beft ca n tell wlicrchir fair c Lady is J 
Both day andniglit thcdoresarcopc, 
■ Thclkongcltclofctdoreisbutof fethersmade, 

Rufli boldly in, ftand not to afkeand neuer be afraider 

Seul. At Veims Court fir doe you fay that Mars istobcfoufid? 

For: Gentleman wehaue toli yec truth although vnto our 

liarts itbeawcund, 
Forfcarchingafwccbidyou fir. 
No doubt a wondrous hap, 

ButyouftiallfindcGodMarsafleepe, ', 

On Lady Venus lap. 
This one thing more, you cannot come 
The way you thither paiTe: 

Tis dangerous.thc hills too ftccpe and (lipperie all as glafte,' 
Take this of me,thc faircfl; way from Venus Coifrtis bcggcric* 
There arc more waies, but they arc worfc and threaten more cx- 

//>r: / thatsforfuchasthithcrpaflTc, 
Ofpleafurcandofwill: - 

Butthcfeforotherpurpofegoe, . •- 

Poubt therefore firnoiil» , 


Sout: T tliankeyou both thathauc vswarnedbyyour skill, 
7>^ .- 1 and 1 le end with a Prophecicfbr your good wilh 

You thiukc itis 3 plcafant-ieft, 

TO tell the times of peace and reft. 

But hec thatliues to njnetic nine, 

Into the hundreds fliall decline, ' 

Then fl^a'ltheyfpcake of aftrangc time: 

For it will be a woondrous thing, 

TO fee a Carter lodge with a King, 


And markets made vpon thegrcenc: 

This will be as true I tell yccall. 

As Coblers vfe the thi ed and nalK 

And fo bccaufc that allmcn arc but mortcri 

Ileaue thepa'tricHcrraldandthc Porter, 

■Sof4l: Ipietheccomeaway,GcntlcmcnwiththaiikcsItak« 


fJer: Adiewgood Jit, 
Tcr: Farewell vntoyou both. Exeunt ormteu 

£«/*r Contempt <««</ Venus. 

Com C orae Lady Loue,now bore we Marsjthou mine I thine 


}'enpis: Ainny Contcmptitwillberpide toofoone, 
SclV.all our plcafureshaue a bitter end. 
rroindefonK place for I am bi^^ with clulde, 
And tlcineviidone if Mars my guilt efpie. 

Co>it'. Sweet Venus beaflurde,! liauc tliat care 
r.iir vou perchuiince will coyliefcorne the place, 

Z/'fww/: Whatiftfonie AbbicoraMunnertc? 

Coh: No thcy.ibound with much hypocrifie* 


CjHx loo lauch icfort would thfercbcwray your being* 

7he CobkrsProfhefif. 
l/V^SotriS HuCbanclmandsj fomcLine,{bnie cleanly alc-Iioufe^ 

^o«: Neither of chcfc, a Spittleloucly Loue, 

Vcn: What \vl-creK)u!i'LazersnnciloaihedLepors lie, 
Their fiiiik'w v.ili chookc thy Venus and hir babe, 

(^o»t: VVhy gentle Venus I iiureatyeebc not oucrnice, 
Wh;it thinke } c as the Prouerb goes that beggcrs hauc no lice? 
Pro<5l crs thcni fdues in cucric Spittle houfe, 
Haucchingsas ncatc,as men ot more account, 

Ven: But I hauc icx^'^c euen veric meane mens wiucs, 
Againll thciv r!.il-.!-birth foproiiidefor. 
As al' ciicir I .tsfDai-.'.'s wcnitli was fcarce the worth 
Oi' till-' line IiniMu vied in thatiiionth. 
And fliall not Vi nus bcas kindche vfde* , 

Con: hmn'l bcaswcmay, Ilegocprouidcd 
And (pie my ti-ne ilyjic to iicale thee hence, Hxit. 

Venus: Awaic for Mars is come. 

Enter Oi^ars, 
Wclcoin c God Mars, wlicrc hath my loue bin all this while} 

Afti.s: VVjh.ingabout (hgarden timefor tobeguile. 
VVi cms bct\\ccnnil'ciicsyourmaide<Scnewfangleyour man, 
1 lieard fuch (port as for your parCjWould you had bin there than» 
Quv-'Chiwccncb" tonew f.in2;lct!)0uartfuchalacke, 
That tiiou dcuifeit ioi'ie f.ilhions formy Ladies backe. 
And! hou quoth he art To polTcfl with euericfantiketoy. 
That fjliowing of my Lid.cs humor thou doft make hir coy, 
Foroncca dayror i.iiluonlakemy Lady niuftbelicke, 
No meat but niutcon or at moll the pinion of a chicke, 
To day hir owne liaire bell becomes which yellow is as gold, ' 
A penivMg? better for tomorrow, blacker to bchod. 
Today in pumps aiid cheucrill gloueSj to wa'kc (he \\ilbc bold. 
Tomorrow ctiflcsaiidco'ip.tenancetor t'eare ot catching cold. 
Now is ihcc barcf'ait to be lcenc,(lraight on hir muffler goes. 
Now is jhce hiiift vp to the crowne^ftraight nuflcd to the nofc, 
Thcfe feuen vcares iruft mc better fporc I heard not to my mind, 
7'h? Didcguedone, 'hen downecamel my Lady Loue to finde, 
V(:r;f :, And tlioii h?ft found hir all alohe,halffickly by ill liap 

D 3 Sit 

Sit for a while Mariand lay thy head vpon my lap, 
I fee my folks bcliinde ray backc hauc ipuch good talkcoFmee* 

.^<«r/,' Aadfofheyhauc, . - 

Mentis : they arc too Idle: foft Mars doe yoU fe€, 

Mitrsi I fee fom« fawcie mates prcffe in : Nowc firs what 
would you hauc? 

i5^<»t Be notofFcndcd fir,wc fcckc God Mats. 

Mart : V Vhy and M a rs haue you found fir, whats your will 

Rofh: A re you lie I cry you mcrcie,! prornife you I tookc you 
for a morris daunccr you are fo trim, ' 

^4«: VVhatfayci the villainej 
Sa: If thou be Mars.thc caufe which makes me donbt^s that I fee 
thybodielaptin fpftjfiike which was wont to bee clad in lurd 
ftccle^nd thy headfcKhildifMie'^idonawomans Jap. Pardon 
I humbly hefccch thee, thcplauinesof thy poore fcruant, anil 
youchfafc to read my poore petition* 

vvbiU Venus J^tMkff. 
Venus: Rough Hiapcd fouldicr enemie to loue, 
VVhy doft thou thirft fo much for bloody w^rre^ 
wherein the flron* man by a flronger queld„ 
Or reacht far off by daftard darters arme. 
Breathes forth his fpiri te with a boot cles cry , 
Leaiiiog bchinde bitearthsanatoraic: 
By warrc the /nfant trampled yndcr ftecds, 
Holdstohismothetouthisfecblchand, '■'■^. 

And (he is rauiflit whilehir yoneling bleeds. 
Yet to abide deaths flroake doth quaking (land. 
,7hc twiccforft virgin likethcwoundedlambe, 
Dcicaed atthemcrcieofthe woolfe. 
Holds vp hir throat In vaine to bloodymen, 
Tha t will not kill hir while hir beauric ftayeth, 
Away thou bloody man,vcx not my Lord, 
Bywarrctrucloueishindiedandyndqu^, ^^ 

The CtbUrsTrofhe^f, 
An(^ Lsdies laps Icfc cmptie of their loues, 
wliofcheads did beaurifictheirtenderknees,' 
J?rf/>^: You need iiotplainc your laps full inougin 
5i)«W: Fairc Vcuiis be propitious /will fight 
TO maincaine truclouc and defend the rightj 

'L'f««/: On rhar condition fouldier /am won, 
Rcccaiie this faiiaur,Marslet:ic be done. _ 

Mixrs: Sareros, / luue recciued thy fiipplicatlonjand forrOVt 
/cannot as I v/oiiM _!>tucthcc immcdiat comfort, /fl fhould 
oppofe my fclfb agaiall the Gods , they would focriefctfire'oa 
my feat, Sixc double vs there arCjthree at libertie,thrce iroprifo- 
nedi and one their kecper:at libcrtiCj wilinCs, wrong and wan- 
ionncs, in priron,arc\varre\vreakc and woCjihcirkcepcris won- 
der; whooiiccgiuingway tolibcrtieforthofchcholdsjfhallfct 
thee and thy feilowes on wor.Ve: in mesne time goc thou to the 
Duke of Booetia , commend vs lo him , when hecan he will im- 
' ploy thee lamfuie, let that be thy aiifwere for this timc,andfo 

! good Sateros be contented. 

5<rf: /humbly take my leauc adored Mar J, 
i Proucagood night Raucn Venus /intreat. 

'L'fff*/: Farewell pore fouldicrwearc that for my fake, 
' 5(t; Of both your Godheads duiious fcauc/ take. 

i Z/'^w///: And when goeyoufirJ 

' ^4/&/j:VVho/? Good Lord there hangs a matter by. 

Mars: why what arc you? get gone or/ will fendthccgonc-' 
jR<if^.- / prjy youbearea while,gentlcmaftermine. 
And you fliallhcarcmy infpcech /warraiit? 

'L'f««j: Goeroofirfoolej,let«hearcwhatyoucanfay« ' 
Afpz&.-Andfhall / warrant y ee to your coft my Lady do-Iittle^ 

./;,'.''/ ihdngh thoHl>ea(oeks ofthegxntt, 

thatwontfltocrofhy day, 

tbecraHenCockesdidii kill and flay! 
Sit hsicivtkciuiiaB hut prune thy mvpty 

, The Coolers Prcph^^ 

AdimghiaCoc^th«ttcrats(>J^gbt^ ^^ ^ 

jhallJlilietheebetrAy^ ' 

•AvdtrtMdthj HeHyandfer 4t\mt^ ' 

Jhali Carrie her awajft^ ':' .\ 

'A»dJhehyhimp}allhMch*(T}ick!, ; 

this CoHntrey to decay. 
v^ndforthiffretiePuUetsiiame ' 

tljoulhAlt the better ledrne: : -^ 

fyheothaHPntltonelie letters fiue 
ji Vfithin one name dijceme, 
^ ThreevowelsandtwoconfonantSy 
vvhichvovveltif thou/can, 
^^th found thkt which to eueriefUce .- 

ThetscaUtomimdethi/Trofhtcie, ' 

*tndv>inthj wonted fame. 

Now haue I done the taskcfor which I came, 
AndfofarewellfincMaftcraridniccDame. Exit., 


^<«r/.- A dunghill cocke to tread my hen? 

Brcake forth yce hangric powers, 
Andfillthcworldwjthbbodihcdaiidwithragc, • 

t^f«w : My Loid,my Loue. 
LMars : Venus I am abulde, 
t^«w.- V Vhy willyce truft a fbcle when he fliall ff eake, 

And take his words to be as Oracks? 
Mars: Buthechathtuchtmenecre,andllereuengc, 

' Venm: Aycmee! 
Reuenge true Louers wrongs immortall powers, 

Andncrelctl-adytruft aiouldkr. 

Afakf M if fhee fvcoHi^dst ' ■' vv'hr 



The Cchkn ^refhtdi. 

iWiw}. Why faintlhhou Venus? why art thou diflr^/Fj 
Lookc vp my louc.fpeakc Venus, fpealtc to me, 

Fr^w; Nay let mc die, fith Mars hath wronged nie« 

^^/: Thou haft not wrongdrae, Mars belecuesitnotj 

t;<»w; Ye»,yes,bafc Coblerivtter Oracles, 
And al ate footh ftft words againftporc Loue, 

M<r;: I willbclecucno wordsjtheyareallialfe: 
Onely my Venus is as bright as heaucn. 
And firmer than thcpolcs that hold vphcaucn? 

Her w honicyoiir lionny words caanot recurc againci 

M/im Iwilldocpcnnanceonmykneestothee; ,( 

And bcgakifle, (hathau* bin fovnkinde, 

Venut! And know you aot, tnkindncs kills a womao! 

M<ir/;Iknowitdoth? fweetforgiueinvfaultj :'■..-. '.' 

^w*/j I will forgiuc y e now y c beg fo hard; ' 
Buttruft-menextttmcIlenbiBeimrcatcd* . ..• 

M4.-Now haft thou chcard my drooping thoughts fweet lou^ 
. tetmelaydovnemyheadvponrhyknAe, •' ' » 

Sing one fwectfongi thy voice will rauifli me* ,, ,' 

^(f»)»/; Follie come forth. 

fwrwFolIie* , • 

fVift#: Anoncfeirfootlv ... ., 

r>ffw:BidNicene$,New6ngle, Dallianeeandthereft brioj* 
fijtth their Mufiekc Mars intcndstofleepe, 

fo//rf; /willforfcoth. £*i/FolIici 

Ma*"': I thii)ke in decde thati {hall quickly fleepe, 
£fpeciallywithMuficke and with fong. ' ; 

Enttr Follic vith 4 Fife, Nicen cs,Ne»'fingle,Dallurcei 4ftl. 
JoAozityn/ithJiifiriimtntSjtheyfUjvvbtleVcnaifrigt. _^'. 

Sweet tirtthethintghts that harbor fttltcoHttHti^. if. 4 
1>ilightfHllhthtieyeJthAt1inevviitcarei f'''.fT 

tetineheefef6vceteslieihid4fecret{n*ref . 

E fFkere 

Jl' ! 




y ffijereloHrhv>4chtlffPrpn£itaUti'iejit, - ,r;*WKfV> 
it fts the lofKdtt be w/trie wife. ' / - ,- ■ ' 

f #^«: I>«pe,pecpe, Maddam heis a flccprj 

/ EntetCotitemft,4ndkijfeVemKt 
SiLi^: Sleepeon/icMreJetcsre nettttchthjihartt 
LtAHeto !«Hebir,th*ilongstoliHeiH~chauge, > 

St ^i^t^'UdtdU^when they their fairesimfAtt 
Rome thtuahro^ii for I intend torittige: 

Vet ■mAKtom learnt to guide your roMlin^eiet^ ' 
/ ^ ' ■■ iAt no fufped by gaKtingma^ Atife. 
■ ■ ;•...■'%■■..■ •: . • 
Venus: HoUbnyourMufickejFolliclcauerhyplay^ 
Come hither lay his head vponthylncc, -~ 

Fie what a loathed load was he CO me. 
Come my Content .letsdaunce about the place, k.;.' 

AndmockeGodMarsvntohJsflecpicfacc* • :,' 

C»«: Venusa^recd^playvsaGalliaid. ii 'i 

^JipiftckefUiet, they dAunee, 4nd leaf OHtrlAKS, 0lim4^£ 
hornet MtuerHeturnt^At length IcAHehim, 

Mays'. Why fings not Venus? hkloue I tohcare»^ 
Sweet let the Fife DC hirthcr from mine carc» 

■■"r.' VoWic holds Jlill the Fife. 
Nay let the Fife play, els the Mufickctailcs. ■> „ 

FoUicp/4w«ig4i»f» - , 

What ftijlfonerc my care, fwect Venus fing^ . , - 

Sing: where is flie? * i 

Out foolc, what doos my head vpon thy knee? 
JR»//r« ForfoothmyMiftrisbidme* 
^<«rj: Whcrcs VcnuSjfpcake ye ribalds, harlots, fook^ 
And ncuer fpcakc againc except I fee hir: 
Mars isimpatientjfinde out Vena»foonc, ExemftdM^ 

Or pcrnniflaues, before my. 'angrie wrath, •-;" 

i^«///« Nay a ladle, Follic will liue for all ypiU 


7%e C«hkri'^vpheH*: 
And bid hir corae to Mars that now bcginSy ;* , 
To doubt the Coblers Prophccic. 

' , , £»ffrNewfanole, and Dalliance 


JVtfW.* My Lord we cannot findc hir any where. 
M<«»''': Hence villaines,fccke the gardtn,fearch<3ch place, , 
Mars will not fufFcr filch abhord difgrace* 

Sftter Fdllic.' - 

FelUt: Forfooth Alices kmaway T\kl anw«i call^ Coqteoipt. 

Mrfw; What hath Contempt robdmightic Mars ofloucj 
Hence foolcs and flattcrcrs,flicypu from my fight. 
Mars with akindlcd fire begins to bnrnc, 
AwayyeehelhoundsjMinift^rsofOiamCf ' ..y 

Vaniflilikcfinoke,foryou4u;c hghwxfinrc, ' :a 

Oainftwantooflcsproclaio^clopenwair^. ,. 

Vnconftant women laccufeyourfexe, 

OfFolliCjlightneSjtrechene and fraud, .'^ -Vii^ 

YouarethefcuinofUi, thefcomcofgGod, >■ ' v *» 

Theplagueof mankinde,andthevvwtbof.hcauctv . 

The caufcotenuie, anger, murder, warre. 

By you the peopled towncs are defcris made.* , 

Thedcfcrtsfild with horror and diftre?. ,:/]: 

Yoii laugh Hicna like, wecpe as the Crocodile, ,, 

Oneruincbringsyourforrowandyourfmjlc, :"> ,^ 

Hold on in lighncs, lull hath kindled«(ire. 

The trumpets clang and roaringnoifcof Drums, 

Shall drownc the ecchoes of your weeping cries, ' ' 

And powders fmoke dim your enticing cyes4. ' 

Thefewanton.prnamcutsformafticrsfir, ;,;/,;.,/ 

WJllMarslcaucofF,andfutcJiimfclfeihfteele,v , ■: 

And ftrumpct Venus with that vile Contempt, 

I will pucfuevnto the depth of hell* 
kvtvf with phtle, Wilcomc /re and Rage, 

y Vhich a ou^h': but Ventts mine (hall afTw age* ^i$^ 

£«.\T //« I';i<%jSatcros,ri* Schollci*, <««^Raph Cobktj 

Duk«, Well doe 1 like yourrcafoniiig Gcntlcmenj 
YouforyouilearningjSaierosfor Aft, 
The learned isprefcrrde, thefouldicr (hall not want. 
But Sateros, yce muft forbcarea while, 
I cannot yet imploy ye as I would; 
Meane time attend the Courtyoufliall haue naj> 
To my abillttic and your content. 

S<i/: Thankes toyourhighnes. 

X>0/t^ : S choller lead him in» 
Be kinde to him hefs a fooldier) 
We mull hauepleafut wane anon with beafls.^ 

H^thJran/ Satere/MhdSchoff^ 

^pln When will theTefelbwesJnake an end,' 
^«)t-' Departmyfrcnds,! hauealittlcbufines 
y Vith this pore man tliat doth attend to fpeake with me. 

y Exeunt SehoUtr Mil S^trrttk 

fellow what is it thou wMt now rcueale; 

^<i/>J!?: Youare the Dakcof all this lamf> 
And this I wifh yce vnderftandj 
That Princes giuc to many bred 
Which wifh them fhorter by the head, . - 
Vou hauc a CourtierEmnius namde, 
whofe flattering tongue hath many bl«ra^» 
He lowteth lour doth fiwne and kneele, 
YoM worthy meaning for tofeclc* ■_ 

An5 quaintly romcsyour peribn nie, 
ivilling to fee hfall and die, 

YouhaucaDaughterlaircaridtrirti,.' ^ 

Hcloucthherandflieloueihim. - 

Yet as the Fox doth vein the Kid, ' 

So are hiafeaettrcafons hid.* 
» He dares not^once his padionsmoue,' 

For feareyowr highncs flhould rcprott^' 

Yet is it not your Daughter dcate, 

Thathedcfircsfofaifcandclearc} , 

Herouctethyourdignitie, ^ 

And therefore tliii intendcth hee. 

To day yon meane to hunt in woo<^ 

Andforhedotfapretendnogood: - 

He hath with fhot intended ill, 

And oieanes your noble Grace to kill; 

I that defirefor to explaine. 

The manner of your Gxacespaine; 

Ciut counfell ere the deed be done, 

Thatyou may al decejuing (hunt 

I fee that Enuiius commeth nle. 

My proteftation quickly trie« 

Andifyou 6nde as I haue faide , 

That you Hioutd be by h Im betraide; 

KetnemberRaph theCoblingknaue, 

Youwamingofthis mifchiefegaue, 

Soleauelyotttofcafchtkeflaue. AriO 

EMcrEnums tbt<C0ttrHtr. 

^umiMs: My honorable Lord, the trakic attends^ 
And I am fent from other of cftatc. 
To pray your Grace to hafl your wont ed ptcfence. 

2?/w^«: Emnius they raaft attend a w hile, 
for I hauefecrets to impart with thee: 

£ 9 Emniiii 

7ht Cthlets Trtfhejii. 
Emnim: SayohtriyHoiKirablcLordtomc, 
2)«^tf; Thou knowftwcmuftvnto the wood. - 

£ot»/>«. True my moftGtatious Lord, / ■ 

1>Hke, Suppofc there were a trairrous foe of niine^ i 

VVhatwoulddihoudoctondnicfrommy feirc? -- 

£w»W: Dy on the traitor,and prepare hiigraue. 
Before he fhould one. thought of comfort hauc, ' _^~ 

2>«^: But tell me Emnius, didft thou fee a trcc> 
Thatborefairefruit§.dclightingto thceye, ' - 

And by the ftraightncs of the trunkc they grow too hie, 
wouldft thou oppbfe thy fclfc againfl the tree. 
And workethedowncfallcrethefiUfliouIdbe. 

£ww/>«. I would regard no liight to claime the fruitc 
Thai fhould content me,but attempt to clime 
Thehigheft top ofhight,orfallto dcathi 
Alone and naked toobtainemy will, '■■•.. 

X>»;(:f. lamrightioyous youireforcfolude, .- 

SuchCourticrsfliouldbecomc a noble Prince, ' •; 

But tell me Emniu's had I any foe, \ , 

That {ecretly attempted my difti eflc, ^ ■. 

what fccret weapon haucyec to preucnt? ^ 

StttKius, Onely my fwordmy Lord, that is my reft, 
My refolutionto defend your Grace, 
/ 2?«^: AndhaucyounotaDagtohclpmctoo* 

Emmm-. A Dag my Lord; * 
Dkk- 1 mandcnieit not, * ,\ 

I know ye haue a Dag prepardc for mcc, 
Emn : I haue a Dag not for your MaiclHe, 
ThtTfukf takes it fremhim, 
2)w: Yes EmniiiJ pouicthy fclfeinto thy felfe, 
Andlctthyowne ties be thy hartstiue witness 

wearll thou this Dag to injure any beaftj 
Bcaril th ou thcfe bullets for a tocmans life? 
Or art thou bent againft thy loyal! Lord, 
rorcauehislifcthatgiuesthcclifeand breath? _ 

£w: GainO bcaRsmy Lord dothEmmushkctodcalc, 
Hc.i^notfobeaUlicandabhominatc, ' ^ j^^ 

As lie delights to ioy in trccherie, ' ' 

X>». So fmilcs Hicna, when fhc will beguile,' 
i And fo with tcarcsdcceiucs the Crocodile, 

I Arc not thefctooks prepared for my cndj 

y Spcake ill intending man, Ah Emnius? - 

I . . Haiielforthismaintamcdthy cllate, v 

f AfFoordedallthefauoursIcouldyecld, / - 

'■ - TobercwArdedwithingrsmudcj 

\ wi'thmutder,tiechcric,andthefcattcmpt«! 

Andalliahopctowinmyrcalmeandchildc. ; . 

Iwillnotfhcvv thy finnevnto the world, 
■', Bucasthoudidlbntend.foflialtihoufelU 

Emmui kettles dovfrte* * 
Reccmcthy death, delertfull man ot deaths 
And pernfh all thy trcchcrous thoughts with tlicc. 

Em: welcome my dcath,defertfiill I confc(r(^ 
Heauens Pardon my intent, your highnes bicfic* 
The Duke rdifeshimvpt 
I?«; Hciucns pardon thy intcnt.andfodoc I, 
. Be true hereafter,now thou (halt not dic» 
Come follow vs Emnius.Iearne to know this lore. 
Murder oi mcaneftmen brings Hiame , of Princes more.' 

Em: O that fame Cobling Rogue that rauingruns. 
And madding aimes at eucric hid intent, , - 

Rcuealdthispraaifcbutllcftab theflauc, 
- Andheoncc dead the Dukes death s\ill/ haue. Exit, 

Enter M ercuric vvita a Trs4mfet foHiding, And two of Vtmit 
vvaitiftgmMds, thcofjemmedKU} theothtrlaA , huiearinl^a 

Aier: Be it knownc vnto all people, that whereas Venus alia* 

hid, hath long challengeda prchemmence inhcaucn, and been 

' adored with tlie name oFa GoddclTe, theSinodeof rhcGods 

being afTeiubled, in regardof hir a,duUerics with Mars, difcoue- 

- red 

The Coders Profhefte], ' 
fcdbyPhCebui.whcninthelaccof'heaucn, tbcyhoth were ta- 
ken in an yron net; wherein hir wrong ro Vultan was appatant; 
and fincc that, many othcrefcapes confidcrcd, But laftJy and 
moftefpccially, herpublikeadultcriefbe hathcoramittedwith 
tharbafcmonftcr Contempt they hauc all confcntcd,andto this 
decree firmed j that no more fhaW Venus poflcflTc the titleofa 
Goddcffc,but be vtter ly excluded the compafle of licauen: and 
it ihalbc taken as great indignJtieto the Gods togite Vcnus-a- 
oy other title than the dctcftcd name of luftjor flrumpct Venus? 
A nd whofoeucr fhall adore Cbotempt or intcrtaine him,'ib albc 
reputed an enemie to the Gods , More, it-is decreed that wane 
fhalbc rayfed againfl Booetia, and viftoricfhallnotfall on their 
fide, till the Cabbin of Contempt be confiundcwithfite.GiuCB 
at OlimpusbylupitcrandtheccleftiallSytiodc. ^ '- 

^«: 111 tidings for my Lady thefe, ' 

/«4: III ncwes pore babe for thee* 

Mer: What who arethcfe? 
I take yce to bee two of Venus virgins, arc yec nota 

7^; Faith flic is a pure virgin indeed, 
For the childe flic had by Venus chapIin, 
Is a big boy and foUowcs the Father, 

Ina: Andfoareyouamaidctoo,areycnotJ 
For the girlc youhad by Mar« his Captainc, 
Shcesdead,and troubles not the Mother. 

Utr: ThenI perceiueyc b« both maids for the moUpar«j[ 
£*♦ w^Jl for our maidenheads itfkill not much. 

^or in the world I know are many fuch. 
//»4 :1 iMercuric I pray let thatgoe, 
wee arc faire Venus maide»,"omorc but fo. 
And inourLadiescaufewcdocintreatc 
TO know, if that be true thou didft proclaimed 
OrwasitfpokenbutofpoUicic, -j 

To fridit vs whome thou knewft to be hcrmaides. 
Mcr. As tine as neither of you both are maides 


jjie fcntcnce is fct downe, tL^enus cxilde,, ^^ 

The CobUrt Profheji'i^ 

//»<j Ayme poorc babe for thee. 

Mer : Whofc child is that you beare To tenderlv f 

Jbt : My Ladies child^begocten by contempt. 

/iifr : O is it {o,and whether bcare you it? 


Men Towhom? 

if«: Vnto fccuritie. 

//<f r : Is it a boy or jirle, I praie ye tell ? 


^<rr:Who were the godmothers? 

!U : We two are they. 

//irr : Your names I craue. 
^N : Mine Ru and hcis is Ina. 

//(;r:And whcthernamelpraieyeebetresthegirlef 

Iha : Both hers and mine. 

iifrr: Andwho isgodfacher? 

R«: Ingratitude that is like wife the grandfather, 
"' ^irr:Ruinaotherwi(e called Ruine the child) 
Contempt the fathcr,Venus alias luft the mothei^ 
Ru and Inath' godmother , 
Ingratitude the Oodfather and grandfather^ 
And Sccuritic the nurfc) 
Heercs a brood that all Booetia (hall curfe. 
Well damfels hie you hence/orone is comming nigh 
Will trcade your yong one VRdcr foot. 

^«<(:TisMars,0 let rs flic. Extttnt. 

Enter Mtursln Armtr. 

Mrt :Now Mars thou feeincft lykethy felfc| 
Thy womens weeds caft off. 
Which made thee be in heauen a fcorne^ 
On earth a common fcofte. 

Mtrs.O Mercuric how am I bound to dice. 
That blar-eft forth this ftrumpets iuft reproofed 
O could I findc the hitlot or her broodc, 



fweuldreuengcmcofin^lijnieies'. '- ,; ?'f''''X'*.&,\ 
NowMcr-cafieilhiindeaplfephcfiji ^ "' ' W, ' 
Afimplcfclbwbrought rtifeohadiy, '■■'). 

When want ohnJngTponHcrknecllay, V^ . 

How that a craucncockc<T»o«ld tread myJliniyo: !v:.v:l ^ 
And flic flioul d h atch a chickc this coitattitM jfccajr,''. , ' 
Thebiftardsnamehctoldcmctoo^- < :. r,\ .,'; 
Butit.wajriddld-wifCi " •■" : '^-o- tli: , ^ , tK 
Hcipe mc to fearch it Mcrcurie;j; • ^' -'i ^I:;," " • v- ' . 

Iknowchccquickcat^wifc, ■ ';$ ">»-vfi'i!7/; ."1^ 

Whenlfliouldonclyinawerd .'(.fi -;:';'. i/A'-.v./S - 
Rue letters luftdifcernc "' " ' ' 'JT-Tiif^Y'.-i-,^^ 
Three Towels and two confoiifiintS!|! .''^u-l v iM : A. 
Thenamelfoontfliouldlearnci '■ ' ■ \A. 

ButthofeTameYowclshccdydbid^ ; .-; ,1 I < 1:^. \ 
Thatlfhouldduljrfcan^ ' - 'i ]•: oil jtfrAi »>^. . 
Andthcyv^oiildfignifiethewayi u jirii-ti uaj'rj^fjtl :. g , 
Thatcuidcthcucryman. ''i '• i.vr >': v^^ 

Haft thou Hot-heard offiich a thing > . ~ 

^if^iYes^anddyd fend that prophcfiC| . /^i 

Andeuenasthoucamefthether . I 

The baftard and the godmothers s:'^: ' J.i cri i siMt'Sag haJki 
Wercin this plact together. ' • '- " ' fl ' - 3 - -.jnaH 1 

v^/<r: Wci'etheyirtdced,wherc*rctbeya«w>; '■•' '1 W 
llcicarch,Ilefo'lowchcf«. .-: : r ': ^^ 

^i'r : Be patient Mars,they wiUfbequjcklyfoUfnl^ - \ , 

Ruina is the baihrds name.R.N. th: confonana, 
V.I.and A.the Towclsbejand f^»<i$ the wUye. 
j^/ ;r/:No w hauc Ifound it Mercury.thou haft rcf«lu4 me ■ 
Iwyllraire.warrc,Iwill:aduengedbec, *> - 

iftb with nie Mercuric,thou my reucnge (halt fee. 

.Af«:I willgoanddomybeftfoVthec; MutKMff' 

Ekttr tht D'A<!,ScholIcr, CdUr.' 
Kapb i Tis true ^Duke^thit I io fay,^ 


HeAillvveuldniikccKylyfciwajr,.^^: ., , 

He II too fro I ike md too lultic, , 

Thou too fimple and too Kuftie, i. , ;^ 

Warres fli»ll in thy bade begin, 

Forpride.contcinft.xnd other fia, 

Nothing (hall appearcheiucns ire, v,^^ 

Til the caJsin of Contept be fe t on fire , - > . . 

And wamonnes with lewd dcfire, , _ ■.■,:., 

Be trampled Tnder foot « mire, - ;^ 

TheCoblerhas nomorc tofty, 

But for the peoples (innes,good princes oft arc tane *w*y » 
Dh '• WeIl,Godamercie fellow,g« thou in, Ex^Rifk^ 
Sch : He raues my Lord,iti ill aduifdef you . -, j y £,« -I 

To fuffer him (o neere your princely excelleuce. "i . '', 
J)h : His prcfence breeds me no ofiTcner. i 

A cry within help,murthcr,nmr-'^ 
Aer, Raph comes. rumiing-Gut^ 
Ennius after him with his oaggcc 
drawen , after Ennius Zelota the 
Coblers wife , whoftiatches the 
dagger fromEniiius,and runs rasi 

ZcWhatRaphJlaph/o (ineyQuwil not ka*w jour wile 
Whatagildcnfwordanda filuer knife?; ;.j'; ' i flV"; C 
There, there Raph,plutit».p. .':" tj^A ' "i'v 

She (labs Bnfltus^aqd hi^ 
Whyfoi Shcftandsagainefodainlyamudi^ 

>Vh«fo?WhywhereamI? : , , .. - O 

R«^/? ; Faith v here ye ha made a fayre pecce orWorkel 
i><^; Lay hoWe on theni,whai violence i$ this, .\ 

Twbaue 9ac murdtedeucabcfbreour^rcfcoce? 
::!r, I » ff*:Whtt 


TheCMtrsPr&phefie. ., 
5<rlj : What caufe hadrt thou to kill this GemlcmanT- 
■ Zf/:NoneintheworldjIneuerkne\vhimI. 

Kaf) h : No faith Hiccs mad^& has bccne euer fince I wai 
aprophet^andcauieHie fawe a dagger without aflicach) 
flic eiien put it vp in his belly. . 

X) if: Why what acquaintance haft thou with this woma? 
K<*ph:0 Lord firjfiic has bin acquainted with mc a great 
vvbile^with mine caxcsjwith cueiypartpfine^whylismy 
wife-. ■ " 

Sch-.Thc iykelyer may it like your grace ofhis confentj 
Twere good they both did fuflfer punifhincnt. 

X>»:Commit Uicm both^but fhc has long bin madj 
It may be hcaucn rcfcrud her to this end. 

Sch : Come and your wife muft goe to wardj 
Till you be tnde forcleercnes or confent. 

Kaph : O fir,whetheryou will I am content, 
GodM'.rkedy has fcrud me pretily, 
Has made my wife mad,and fayd (hcc (hould not be well. 
Till by her hand a traitor fell, 
And I muft cuen be hangd for companie. 

Exeunt W'ith the Cihhr and his wife 
fame (>t*re out E iriMS hodie,. 
. Du : I doe not gcfTe the woman guiltic ot this crime, 
But the iuft heaucns in thcyr feucritie, 
Haiic wrought this wreakc forEnnius trechcrie. 
Enter Scholler and Afeffeiger. 
^f^iHcreisameflengcrmy gracious Lord j 
Tliat brings ill tidings to your quiet ftate. 
.0;/:Whit arc they felo w,lct vs heare the fpeak.Spate BOC 
Mi([: The Argiucs and the men of Theflaly, 
With mightie powers are come vpon yourcoaft, 
They b!irne,wart,rpoyle,ki!l,murthcr, makcnolpare, 
O' feebl; age,or harmlefTe infant youth, 
Thf y vow to triumph in Bocetia , 
And mnkeyour Highncs vaftall to their will, 
Tlicy tlfreaten rnightily,iheir power is mightie, 


Thi Coblcrs Profhtfit., 
Ihc people fall before them as the fl«wring graffe 
The mower with his fy th cues in the meadcj 
Helpc your poorc people, and defend your ftate, 
Elfc yoUj,thcy,it,w ill foonc be ruinate. 

Dw: I will proiiidc as farre as heaucnly powers, S . 
And our abilities ftiallgiucconfents; a 

He to the temple and powre forth iTiy prayers, ■ 
Meanc while let Satcros be called for. 
To muftervp the people with all fpced. Exit If h\^. 

Sch : New fee I that this fimple witted man. 
This poore plainc Coblcr truly did diiiinc, 
1 he Gods when we rcfufe the commonmcanes 
Sent by their oracles and learned pricfts, 
Raifc vp fome man contemptible and vile. 
In whom they brcathuhe purenes ofthcyr fphitSj 
And make him bolde tofpcakc andprophefic. 

Enter S4teras thrfouldicr^ 

Welcome fi-icnd Satcros,you are fitly come, 
The Duke intends thatyourtiallleade to field 
The powersofBoattiagainfthis foes, 
Arcyouprepard.andwiliinglyrerolud? ' 

1 know tij nothing but F^e fimilt . 

Sch : SouIdier,(tand not on that, difcharge jrourdiietie, 
The countric needs our feruice and our CounfcU, 
lie doo'my bcft,and do you your indeuor, 
For publikc quiet and Bocstiashonor» 

Sat\ Well T forget your fcornes giucn me in fe«M« 
And rat« all enuie at an humble price, 
lie doc my dutie,doe notyou neglcift. 
Amies will not Art, Art mould not armesteieA*^ 

Sch : A blcfled concord,! will to the Duke, 
Andlcauc thee Saterot co thy glorious watte^ 

F' ? Jtntet 

<S««»/ : O fir,I luuc bin fceklng yc all day, 

And greatly do I praifc my fortune thus to meftc yce, 

^-i; : In good time fir,bc bricfc I pray. 

Cffifiw ; You do remember mc Iliopc. 

SAt : Nor vcrie vvclJ Iproniifc yc. 

Co'^m : Lord fir,and you bcc aduifdej was •iic of thciu 
chat reafoncd before contempt, when you defended war, 
another artc^oae the court, and I the ceuntric. 

5.J/; I remember in dcc(^ef^ch a rcafoning.befbre that 
vile moijfter Contempt, but you I haue forgot. 

Comn : O Lord fir ycs,by that token v/c went afterward 
K) the Ordinaric. 

Sai: True,true,now Icallycmitvdc,bythis token I was 
not able to rcache c«itimons, andfo was cafliicrd out of 
your companie. 

Cour. t : Twas againft my vvill Ifaithi ye fawc I wai ano- 
ther mans gucft. 

Sat : Its no great matter. But whats your bufinet wyiji 
me nowjthat you iceke for me fo haflily ? 

Coftnt i Marie fir there it warrct ts ward^do yc uot heare 
•n It ? 

if(</:Thatsto toofure. 

Coiiiti :Andl fearc by rcafbn of my wealth I (hall bcc 
«hofcn fot a Captaine euer fome Companies. 

^;tr: And what of that? 

Coftfii : Why I haue no skill,and therefore woulde hyre 
you to fcruc in my place. lie plcafc ye well . 

^4f.7facDukewantes racnfir,and therefore muft yee 
fcruc yeur felfe,though not as a captaine,yet in a place fit- 
ting your pcrfon. You offer me moneie,w by man He deale 
kindly with yCjJ^ fbal haue fome of me,here take it,be noc 
nice.In the Dukci name Ichargeyc with horfc andfurni- 
tuic to be rcadic to motrovv by breakcofday/or the bufiU 
tKi asket C^cci, 

f- 1 C#iMi:B4i 

The CMersProphel?e. 

€#«».': But Ihopcyc will not dcalf (o witli me? 

5-»f : But lam fuic I will, therefore difpatA onperiU^f 

C««»»/ :Why vvhtt alifc is tfeisjthit fiich as I muft ferae? 
Aftiaiwc oa wanes f«r me that ere they were, Exir, 

EnterRaph and other prifoncri witfe Tv^apaas. 

S41 : Whjr n»\v fcllowes,vvhat are you? 

K4fh : Wliat fouldicr,d J not you know mef ^- 

J^/: Yes Raphjbut what arc theic? 

"Kifh : Faith certaine pu-fcIlowe$ of mine,thtt haue bin 
Kiued rp,&now the exclamation goes we fhal haue wars, 
^c arc all fct at libertie,and fcnt to you tobe traild vp. : 

.y^/ : Why wcrt in prifo:) ? 1 , 

Raph'. I fiith I proph«ficd fo Iong,ihat Ihad like to hiuc 
bin hangd.My wife kild the courtier man.tliat would hauc 
kild me&thcDuketo,butIlcbea prophet no longer thacf 
flaitc,altct Ihaue done beeinj a fouldicr, lie to cebiinz a- 

^4r«S*doeftchoiiwclI: But fellowe tell mee why wett 
thou in. 

Fc/jCFaith fir for nothing but riding another muis korfe^ 
Sjtt : That was but a linallnjatttr. 
K*fh\h thing of nothiBg, for when he had ftollenhim, 
ke were as good ride him as leade h im in hit hand, 

fri : Faith thats euen the truth on it. 

Smi; I tkinkc you all haue bin of fuch coaditioi , 
But now betake you to another courfc. 
The Duke hath giucn you life and libertie. 
Where othcrwifeyour deeds deferucd death^ 
If now you doooftind vnder my charge, 
Lookcfornofauourbutthc inartiallliwe, 
Death on the next tree without all rGmiiTioajt ; 
Andifychke not this I will rcturncyec 


From whence ye came to bide the doome oflawr, 
Speakcjwill ye liue and feme as tiuc men fhould? 

Rjpijzlamfureyetakemefornone of thejrruumb«r« 
S4t : No Raphjthou ftialc be ftill with mee, 
_ Readie to inarch,to them now vyill I goe, 
Heauensandgoodfortune quelUur (uriousfoe. 

EntcrCoHUmfCtVenittfeUoWinghtm, hefpitjhtn£ htrfrtm 
. himtwutorthriee* 

Cent ; Awaie thou ftnimpet.fcandall of the world, 
Caufe of my of thy fhamc. 
Follow me not,but wander where thou wilt; 
In vncouth places loathed of the lighc. 
Fit fliroude to hide thy luJifull bodie in, 
Wbofe faire'sdiftaind with foule adulterous fin. 

r*» : Ah my Conient,proue not fo much Ynkiii4, 
To flic and leaue thy loue alone behind, 
I Will go with thee into hollow caues. 
To dcfaf t to the dens of furious beafts, 
I will dcfcend with thee vnto the graue, 
Looke on me loue let me fome comfort haue. 
Cbntenjpt ftill turnes from Venus. 
What not a wotd to comfort me in wo ? 
No looke to giue my dying heart Ibme life? 
Nothing but fro wne$,but lowres,but fcome$,difdaines? 
Woe to my pleafures that haue brought thcfe paines. 
Hauelforthis fctlighttheGod ofwarre, 
Againftwhofe frownes nor death norheaueacanftande, 
Haue I for this procurde the anjrie Gods 
To make me exile from all blcffednes. 
kaue I for this loft honor and rcnowmc. 
Become a fcandall to the vulgar world. 


The Cohtcri'Fyephtcie. . 

And tliui tobfrepaidc; All breake my hart, 
Had all tl.efe mi » talnc vpon my head, 
And imilioDS oi'morc i armes tlian hcauen coultShcap , 
Yctai! wcrcni'tl:i!i^,h<idiiotniy Ccntent, 
Ren ardtdmc thus vilie with Contempt. 

^o«: Shapcotcolufijn,hiirroiitof deceit, 
Fairefornjcwithtbuledefornntics dcfildc, 
KnowthatI .niContcmpCinnatuiefcoxncfiil), , 

foe to thy goodjand fatall to thy hf c: 
Thar \v hik 1 icy de in gloric and a ccounr, 
Dirdaindc,illveituc,andcontcmnd all vice* wcic held with rrcof equal! price. ; 

And now the wauingofmy grcatneirecome^j 
Occafioiidby thy louc,whonieMar«afj efted^ 
And 1 tiiat all dcfpildeam no w rciefted. 
For v\hich I thee reieft, difdame and hate, 
,V V'lO ing thee diea death dilconfolatc. 

Venui: Yet once regard me as a thing rceardics.. 
3 huu an the abiecis wretch ahuc enecmed, 
I worfethan vihncsiiithevvorldani dtemed: 
lfcorMd,thouh;ucd,e,ich hkcothtr beeitig, ' 
r.iuc we togeihcr voidcf otiicrbemg. 

Con: Liglirnes of lighrelhhings that vaunt of ijfc 
Sprungfrurothehoatiiicbubbles of the lea: 
Leauc to (biicitelim that loathes thy lookcs, 
Spitting vpon tliv t" ctspaintcd pride 
/ v^i Iforlaketlieejandin filence fhrowd 
This loathed trunkede^pil'edandabhord, i'.v/>. 

She offers ttfoRavVjhedr'ui'shir liache, 

Venus: Sofliej the murderer froin the mangled hms^ 
Left hmles on the ground by his tell h.iiid. 
S" runiies the Tyger from the bloodlespray, 
Which v^hcn his tell llomacke IS of hunger fb^ichf. 
Thou murdrer^ry^crjgiuttcd with my tairr. 

LcauftmeforCikcn.mapofgriefcandcare, /» 

O vdiat is beauty humbled to the bafe, ^ ^^ .-j^ 

Thatneucrhad^earcofduillthoughtf '^ ■ . ; ", -; 

O wKacisfeuorinaoobfcurcplacc? , ^ --V 

LikevntoPearlesthatforthcfwintareboBg^t: .'■' , 

Beauty and fauonrhere no vertue bides, ' 

Proues Ibule, defbrmd, and hke a Ihadowglidcf. 
Ah thatmy woe cotjtdothcr vvornen wjirnc, 
To louc true wcdlockcor the virgins life: 
Formctoolatr,forthemfittime«olearne, \t 

The honour of a maid and conHant wife, •"''i 

Oaeis adorde by Gods with holy rites, 
The lad like Lampes both rarch and heaD«n figlit?^ 
Butthcfoulehorrorof ahatlotsnamc, '; 

Euenof ihcLechercountedasafcotne; > , 

Vyhofcforhead beares thcmarkcof hatcfuUftiame>, 
Of the luft-loucr hr ted andforloroe. 
O fuch is Venus, fo {hall all fiicli bee \7 

As vG: bafe lull, andfouleadultcrie, - Exitl if 

Enter the Dnkty his DaK^kter, 'Priefi, AniScholler : thtn 

comfajfethe flage^fiatftenefartUta fmokeartfti 

at which plate the^ all fiaj. 

Pri .• /iTimortaU mouer of thi s gloricus fi-ame, , ' , 

■ That circles vs about with wonder great; 
Rcceiue the offrings of our humble halts 
And bodies proftrate on. the lowly earth, ,! 

The^aSk^eeledofvne. . 

Our finnes hath drawnethefiineof thy wrath, 
And turnd our peace to mifcrie and warre: 
Eut if repentant foules may purchafe grace, . 

V Vecraueit humbly, and intend toluie, 
Hereafter more rcfonnd than wee hauc done, 
For pride, we entertainchutnili tic: v' 

Forourprcfumptionjducobcdicnce: _ 


The Ceilefi*Pr»phep. 
Louc For Contempt, and chaflitieforluft: 
TheCabbinof Contempt dothbumcwithfirc, 
/n which ourfinncsarccaft,and there conhime. 
HcaieviyechcaucniypowerSjhelpc ivcrcquirc, 
And be propitious lo thcpenitcnt. 

Enter a Meffengtr^ 

Mtffett : Rife from the humWc earth my Noble Lord, 
Rife vp yee Priefts, Princes, and people rife, 
And hcarc the gladfome tidings I vnfoJd, 

r!:f.y 4II rift and e/iftinceftfeiKta the frtt 

1> \ei Forthatrwcj'^cvoiceofFcrdtovsbyjiuo, 
Cafl , Acetcft jncenfe into holy fircs^ 
A "d ' vVile tl ,c y biirne, tcl! on thy happy ncwcs. 
That ' vf-. may bc:,re and liunourhcaucnly Powers, 

Altjfen: VVIienSatcroimyLcrdhad brought yotirpowsr^ 
In view of curpv>.-fumiii^ enemies: 
And equal I pi.- cc was chofcn forthe field, 
ThewrongsthatuiBoatiathcyhnddoiir, - 

And Icauc the Countrey, turning tq then home, •■ 

Orels rcfoloeon doubifullclu'.iceof warrc. 
They proud, ainbinous, couetoui of giiiTif, 
Then was the figiiallgiucn,r!ndPremars red, 
Menacingbloodontithcrfidcaduancdc. t 

Drums,Fifcs,and Trumpets drowndtlxaics of men, 
Thatech where fell bcforethcjr Foe-mcns fwords, 
Maritherefhowdruthle»rageon cither part, 
Ar.dmuider rai\gcdt!x)rov\ cucr\ranke, 
Duftdimdthc ^f ones lio^ht, and the powdersfmoke, 
Thus was feauenhoures con(umde,nnd doubtful! chaunc* 
Scmetiir.ewJ'h vs, fomcfimc with tl em abode; 
fill at the Iciigj ' I cur GeneraJl g2uc charge 
tojfcMiulifitrcarc^ tvhich mad- tlie hopefullFo^j 

/ Q % Pjjrfue 


^urfaeregardlcfTcourrctyringbandf, .J 

Thatbciiigknittogiicherinfirmeranke, ' • 
A hcfli puriudc their ftragliiig followers, 
Tiiciitellthcirgiorylikc'thcripcoedcorne, i 
EefjreihcCick eandthe lleapcrshanel: ■ .. ^ 

[ii brief j,romc flcd.tnoft naine.aiid many taken 
Haue ic^t the honour to Bcoetia, ■ 

Pkki: To ixiucns and Satcrosreturnewc thanks, 

.For rln reward leceMc tins rrcoinjiencc; 

The DuktgiMeshtm^jisTp^er garment, \ 

O urfclucs will forward t')f\'ureoirrh'-Knds, huglit for honour ot B'-O'ti.i. 
Sound Dru.n aai fruni/et notes tnumpliainfy, 
Heaucnshuuc the hoiuur for this victoiie* Exeuntt 

Enter v'lth Drum ttndTrMmptt SitcrosletdhfrveeHe MacK 

Alan: ThusSatcroihaiiewealTi Icdtlicr, 
Our true fwornc fou'dxr, worthy inan at ArnicJ, 
And the Bjoctian Duke hath hcaucnappcaldc. 
By li'iiigfj'lcCoiHcmptrfittd loathed lult. 
i^ Icreuric t1ic foane and meflcugcrof Jouc 
Wuii niclh.illp.iiievmo my warlike houfc* . . "'•' 

jG' cdiouyiuo the Cuke with all tiiytraiiic, 
That longs to fee chcc,andrcqm'C thy p.uDC. ■ ' 

i"rf^; To mighty Mars untt wary Mercuric , ) 


Raph: Arc )'cchcrcyfiiith?hcri;5 twoonyce, 

Al.'f : VViiat mm-; man; 

Riph: f you;'!, ■.vliacrealon had yout>niikc--nv wife iijad? 
Iindibm^dt kill oiiejandthenm kenica i'r.>p ici? 

A^er- It >va5 'liT lccicriudi;eiiier>t ot" 'he G'^ds, S.itcuisfpciK 
fo auDjketJihhikcoauua,audtJi<:iiUcrartauU. 


The Cdlm Prof hejtt, 

J<f/: ttfhallbedonc. '« 

^<«r/; 1$ this the Prophet? *** 

Rdfii: I than ic is, toidyou j'OUrownewiiCntwasil 

Mats: Sateros vie liini well. 

Ra^k : Ncrcd )uSt voii that : arc yeebcmcinbrcd finer ye told 
iimi , it"\ c i et ) our Iclfc agaia(t the Gods they would dnuc you 
outt)t iicaucti. 

J^Ars , V Vcii what of that? 

Ka^h: Fauliaitiiat time the world might wellhaucaffooi tied 
you a Cart to I idem. 

.^<if .- G<> fx) Rapii. ccafi', 

Ra^h: l,l,aii(1g'CcitfolkedooaniiiI'ci 
Pooreiolke muH hold duirpcaie,, 
■Mer: Mais dial) wc hence? 

M«rt\ IjtarcwcllSatcros. £ay*«; Mars #»wj Mercuric, 


Enter with hoionrthe Duke and hu traite, 

Dukf : Welcome brauc fuuldicr, welcome to you all 
loy my word., I cannot IjJtvkc my iniudcj 
Viir in this triumph pailcwetotlicCourt, 
VVi i-ieyou niallrfllircciueyourduedelCits* 
Jo*'. riianksN jble La:d. 

'lijiph: VVhatfliailldiothcrij andmywife 

'Ddie : I vMli pr(>i;;dc fur thee, and pardon her. 

R^pn: Faiihtheu hrc-.vcIltheCou.t; 
T--: i>!iiv ilenoi ninandnde, nonio m Tea'ide, 
Pit: fi iccniy madvMre, lia$claiif;i'eiici midlife, 
Ik-cucii t.'iie tu be ^ Prophet Uc.ktr, 

T.:k< cl -u t'g;e3ti.crandiiaL!ie , and hll to my old tradeof th«^ 
f^ftn'c cv ill tie Cobler. 

Z.r/"/ .• L Rjpinhat wi'lbefitref} for v,?, 

Duki : Coine S-.tffros let me vc. I.o ,' ur tivcf, 
Toi.\li;)m thel^e.iucnshauegiuv'n i.f'^^i' ■■ iilorie. 
And o'.'kein worrhour wcri.hiii ;3C)i(iiCj - 
VV'u(;;t;u\..ontcaii)t jndLuiiwi'.l) ol(iiiigi;;d;.uHc, 

G 3 H.1UC 

Hauc pcrill) c«J like Fume that flics from fire. 
March forward bj^^aue and worthy man at Anncs, 
Thy decdes fliall bercwarded worthily: 
Embrace the Schqliler,1tueyou two as friends, ^ 
For Armes and Learning may not beatiarrc, 
Counfcll prcucnts/counTell prcuailcs in wane* 

Sat ! My thoughts are free from hate, let me not liuCf 
y Vhcn fouldiert faile good Letters to defend, 

Schi LeteuerySchollerbeaSouldicrsfiicnd, 
As I am firiend to thee and fo will re(h 

R/ify: Ifoliur^andyeeareblclh 
How faifl thou Zelotc is not that life b efl;, 

1>(ikf : Then with due praife co hcaucn let v« departi| 
Oui 5tatc fupportcd both by A rnes and A rt. ExtHnt'i 

TtrtHUA Crtiitlu.